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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: How to get them out and moving!

     So now that the weather is warmer (for most of the country!)  Its time to get out and get moving.  So how aver several long and cold months do we do this!?  We this past weekend my parents came over and we headed to the park!  Quinn was so excited to go I know she had cabin fever per the long winter.  When we got there I made sure to get some good pictures, however get her moving too.  Below are some things I do to get my little one running around and I think they might just work for you!

1)  First be excited!  Let your kids you want to take them someplace like the park or and out door area they will have fun with!

2)  When you go point out some areas you know they like and get the ball rolling.

3)  Play with them!  I know we all work hard and probably want to just rest but play tag with them or swing next to them.  Showing your kids you want to exercise will encourage them to!  Play tag, or hide and seek they love that!

4)  Let them play with other kids!  If there are other kids there usually they all end up playing together which is good on many levels!  They meet new kids and it does give you a break to rest and watch them.

5)  Make sure they do rest and have water.  If they get excited they will forget to rest and drink water.  Make sure they do. 

6)  Make the time just long enough to get exercise but don't be out all day remember they can tire faster.  Make sure they are covered too.  Just because its May the sun is still out and you can burn!

7)  Always tell them as you have to leave that its ok and you will take them again next time!  Or offer a new park to look into!

8)  I always give Quinn a few more things to do before we go.  I tell her we have to leave soon and she can do two more things, use the slide or swing a little bit.  Gives them a chance to wrap up and not feel rushed.

9)  Invite people!  Call your family and friends over.  It gives others a change to enjoy your kids and you a break to!

10)  Have fun!  It's almost summer so get out and just enjoy the day.  Take the time to have fun with your kids and laugh and run around.  Remember they go to school all day and we work so take the time to just unwind! 

     I hope my tips helped, anything you may do or think of feel free to leave a comment and let us know! 

Always remember,
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