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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: Making yard work fun!

     This past weekend we did some yard work!  (I have to post yet)  Since we had Quinn we wanted to make the day fun.  Kids usually like to actually help out and you can let them and make a day of it!  Quinn helped us pick weeds, rake and put piles in the trash.  She also supervised of course!  So if you plan a outside cleaning day thy the following!

1)  Tell your kids your going outside to get some sun and do some yard work!  They probably will want to join you.  Kids generally like being around their parents.

2)  Give them things they can do like pulling weeds or raking a little.

3) Invest in some small tools for them!  If they have their own rake or gloves they will feel that much more special!

4)  Make it a fun time and talk as you do it.  Yard work isn't the most fun activity but you can make it enjoyable!

5)  Take pictures and show them the hard work!  Explain how it pays off and now look at the result.  They will be sure to show others that come over too and they will be proud of what was done!

     Making yard work fun isn't that difficult if you make it enjoyable.  We do have to teach our kids to do it because one day they will have their own homes and it will need to be attended.  If you teach them that spring cleaning is important they will do it when they are older! 

     When I was a kid growing up my brother and I mulched cleaned weeded, mowed the lawn and just about all the work my parents did to help out.  Sure at times it sucked!  However it made us realize that now as a homeowner it is a needed job!  Now I have to take care of my home because if I don't who will?  As we grow up we start to teach our kids things our parents once taught us, without even realizing it!  Crazy how this secret learning takes place! 

     I was so proud that Quinn wanted to work and that she did do such a great job!  I can't wait to post this week about our outside work and show you our pics!

I hope the following tips help!

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  1. Great tips! You are a great dad, Chris! :)

    1. Awee thanks Alisha, i heard Kayla reached out to you! I know you will both get along great she loves to read and likes your blog a lot!

  2. Good tips. Its hard to get the kids out doing yard work at times.

    1. Thank you so much for the comment! Yes it can be hard to get them moving some days!

  3. Very good advice Alisha, I believe I will get my grandson Amir to help along in the process. He comes over every other weekend. It may tire him out a little too...thus making tub time relaxing and bedtime endure it's entirely....that will he interesting to see, since he thinks that mom mom house is a place where he gets to stay up as long as he wants. ..I admit I'm a softy when it come to be grandson...thanks for sharing...blessings