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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tuesday's Tip: Changing a Spare Tire

     So over the past weekend as we were driving up northing we saw the dash light up because one of the tires started loosing air fast.  We must have hit something and not known it but we had to get off the road fast.  For our sake there was an exit we pulled off and looked.  We looked at the tire but didn't see anything but I knew something wasn't right because you could hear the air escaping. 

     So I did what my Dad once showed me in college and started to change the tire!  Back when I was in college I had a flat coming home from work and my parents came out and helped me change it.  It was the first time and my Dad told me to listen up and watch because next time I may have to do this alone!  I did and he explained everything to me and was very polite and let me help as well.  We got the tire fixed and soon had a new tire on.  Since then I have had tires patched up per nails but this was different the nail was out so we were loosing air fast!  So I got the car set and the doughnut on, we made it up North and the bad tire was fixed soon.  It was quite the experience but we made it and we got the old tire off and spare on in about half hour.  It was about 26 degree's to so you are aware. 

     So below are some simple steps for you if you ever need them or never changed a tire.  I'm sure many of you have your own experiences or even funny stories.

The instructions are for cars and SUV's  Trucks are about the same but the tire is not small it is a real sized tired they keep under the truck.   

1)  If you feel something is wrong or your car dash lights up first find a safe place to pull off and park.

2)  If you are alone and its dark call for help.  If you have AAA call them too, you don't want to subject your self to harm by doing this alone epically at night!  You also pay for AAA so use them.  However if you can and want to change the tire keep reading.

3)  Go into your trunk and lift up the secret compartment, the handle will be by the back.  You should see the tire and all the tools you need. 

4)  Unfasten the tire and all the tools and take them out.

5)  Start getting the jack lifted and then put it under the frame close to the tire.  Make sure you are under the frame or the car will get damaged.

6)  Jack up the car until the tire is off the ground.  This might take a while but go slow.

7)  Then unscrew the bolds of the tire, you can also do this before you jack it up or at least loosen them.

8)  Once the tire is off the ground and the bolds off slide off the tire and look for the hold or damage.  (if you have time)

9)  Place the spare on the tire and put the bolds on.

10) Tighten up the bolts and make sure they are nice and snug.  You don't have to wrench on them but make sure you put some muscle into it.

11)  Bring the care back down by reversing the jack and then put up all your tools and the tire in your car.

12)  Drive home or to your nearest destination, you can use the spare for a bit however get the tire fixed the next day or so max. 

13)  If the tire is new it will last longer however they say do not drive to long with the spare or go to fast. 

Once fixed your spare will go back in your trunk and you will be set!  Avoid damage to your rim and get the spare on fast or you will have bigger issues if you ride the rim.  Now granted we drove kinda far but the spare was new and the roads were clean and dry.  As we were doing this Kayla took my picture as you can see I was smiling, I wasn't happy but I mean your getting your picture taken so you have to smile right?  she took another and I didn't smile but for the blog I will be happy!

So here I am just finishing up, we were cold and tired and now loosing time but we did it and now we laugh about it...  That's life right?  So I hope this tip helped and know changing a tire isn't hard just take it slow and you will do fine!

Always remember,

You are Never Alone...



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