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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Breaded Walleye

     So my Father in Law has been waiting for this very special Cooking Corner post!  A few weeks ago we took a trip up North to visit them it might have been our Christmas visit.  Well Saturday him and I did a dinner and cooked some breaded Walleye.  He has a friend the catches it fresh and makes his own breading.

     Dave, my father in law owns a nice outside fryer.  It is a big bowl and gas cooking device that allows you to fry outside.  It is very simple but so effective!  We setup our table and had everything ready.  We put the fish in milk for a bit to take the fish flavor away just a bit.  A trick my father in law taught me.  Some fish have very strong smells and taste so milk can tone them down a bit.  After we put them in the bradding mix.  Now I don't know what it was made of because the person who caught the fish supplied the breading however you can look up most breading recipes on line. 

     Once the fish were all breaded and the oil hot we just slowly put them in and watched them cook a bit.  We flipped them once and then took them out to dry.  A very easy and simple dinner to make and I would recommend you cook them outside however.  Now you can use many other kids of fish of course but the fresh caught Walleye was really amazing.

     We cooked fries with this dish and it made a great meal.  Not your typical fish fry and that is why I loved this meal so much.  Something different and fun to try. 

Walleye (Other fish you have)
Milk: enough to fill a small bowl
Two Eggs
Salt and Pepper
Breading:  A mix you can find online or buy in the store
Oil: Vegetable or peanut oil is good

Wash Walleye fillets and dry
Let them sit in a bow filled with milk for a few minutes
Dry the fish and just salt and pepper each side
Take two eggs or more if you need and scramble up
Place the fish in the eggs to get a good coat
Place in your dry mix and coat each piece well
Place in fryer and cook for about 2 minutes on each side
Take out and place on a plate with paper towels to dry

For your side you can oven bake French fires or fry them in the same oil.  You can also cook any other sides for this dish you like.

The out side fryer

Here is the fish

Enjoy and remember!

Cooking should be fun so have fun doing it!



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