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Sunday, February 21, 2016

The weekend update!

     The weekend has come and gone yet again.  Friday we picked up Quinn and went out to dinner it was really nice we had it with Aunt Ro and Uncle Ken.  It was a while since we saw them and wanted to catch up!  After we just had some dessert and then headed out.  Quinn has been doing so well with listening and getting ready to go out and wind down for bed time.  I will say it's awesome how far Quinn has come and how great she was this weekend for us!

     Saturday we got up an and just relaxed.  My parents took her out mid day which was nice as well.  Every year around the holidays they take her out but this year we just were so busy so Saturday they took Quinn to the Zoo then had dinner!  They brought her home before bed and Quinn told me all about it.  It was nice because Quinn hasn't seen them in a while so it was a great chance for her to spend time with them.  I can remember growing up my brother and I would go to dinner with my Aunt and Grandma and we had so much fun!  We actually still do it, we have our dinner soon as well.  I'm glad Quinn loves seeing her grandparents and spending time with them.  I am also glad they live so close.  They can come and see her when they want or stop buy and see us too.   We did some cooking this weekend and honestly just hung out as well.  The time we have with Quinn is priceless so weather it was doing some games or just relaxing on the couch it was all awesome.

     Sunday we had such a big day I can't wait to tell you about it!  I will save that post for this week.

I hope everyone had a great weekend, we did.  Quinn saw a lot of family and just had a great time and I hope everyone enjoyed their kids and enjoyed their time!

     Always remember,
You are Never Alone...


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