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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Basketball Camp Comes to an End

 Today was Quinns last day of Basketball.  For weeks now the kids have been getting together to play and just have fun.  They did some warm ups and then practiced.  The coaches have been so amazing to work with all those kids too!  So after they did some drills they broke up into teams and did some games.  We were so proud of Quinn she did so well.  

     Later that night we made dinner, we did homemade Chinese food!  It was really fun and I can't wait to post about all the food we made.  More to come so stay tuned to the cooking corner.  

     A note to my parents out there make sure when you kids are young let them try things.  I don't know if Quinn will want to keep playing Basket Ball but at least she got to experience it and who knows maybe she will love it.  However it was so good for the kids to get out and play and that is what's most important!  This post was to share how my daughter is growing but to say to my fellow parents sign you kids up to do stuff!  Sometimes schools and other places offer things to do so I would say take them up on this.  It can be difficult to come up with some ideas so take the time to let other places or groups help you.  

     In the winter as well it can be harder because of the colder weather so things like this are awesome to do.  I hope everyone is getting some time in each day or week to play and stay active.  

Enjoy the pics 

Always Remember,
You are Never alone...


Getting together to start

Lots of running!

Time for a full game.

What a great end!

Here is our little star!

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