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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Sharp Cheddar Cheese Pretzel Burgers

     Hello all!  This great unique Cheese Burger recipe comes from a site I frequently visit for great ideas the BBQ Pit Boys.  Everyone loves a great Cheese Burger but try this style out be warned it can be a bit messy.  We were also excited because we recently got a half a cow processed.  Kayla's friend's parents own a farm and mainly have milking cows but they do raise one bull to sell for meat. Someone else bought the one half so us and a few friends went in and got the other half a cow.  Kayla and I ended up about 1/3 of the half we got.  It turned out to be a great deal and grass fed.  I will post about it on a efferent post.

     I will say this was a fun and easy meal to make and if you want to see the video there is a link below to the BBQ Bit Boys site where it is.  I was missing Bacon per their video but you can always add this if you would like.

1 lb of ground beef
Sharp Cheddar Cheese
Pretzels (two per Burger)
Salt- 1 tablespoon
Pepper- 1 tablespoon
Any toppings you enjoy- Lettuce, Tomato, Onion etc.

We just baked French Fries and put the broccoli in the broiler. As your side you can use any kind you wold like this burger goes well with just about anything.


-Using ground beef that isn't pre formed into burgers mix in salt, pepper and any other spices you would like.  For the following burgers I also had some XXX Sharp Cheddar Cheese we got from the butcher when we got the Beef.  I broke some up and placed that in the meat as i mixed the spices in.
-  Form however many patties you need make them about standard size, or a bit smaller than the pretzel.  Round the edges and make sure they are sturdy.
-  Have your grill ready, gas or charcoal either way. Then place the burgers on the grill.  You really want to only flip each burger once they say is a good rule.
-Once the burgers are more than half way done brush some melted butter on each side of the pretzels and place on the grill.
-  Cook the burgers to your liking and then place some Sharp Cheese on top.  We used the XXX Sharp Cheddar Cheese we had.
- You can flip the pretzels about once or twice and then take them off.
- Take the burgers off as well but don't stack them on each other.
- You can now put more butter on the pretzels and salt them if they come with them.
- Place a burger on a pretzel and then dress it they way you want and use any condiment you like and place the other pretzel on top.
- Place your side on next to and enjoy!

  Here is the link of the original video, the only thing I was missing was the Bacon which you can use or not up to you!  It is somewhat messy but it was fun to make and try.  The pretzel was different and gave the burger a great and unique taste!

Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger

Hope you enjoy this meal, try and and if it works out have some friends over they will never believe it!  Pretzal Burgers, hope you enjoyed.

Cooking the burgers and warming up the Pretzels.  You can see it was cold and snowing but that didn't stop me!

Here we mix in our cheese and spices.

Make your patties.  As you can see the beef has a nice color.  

Here is a clear picture of cooking.

here it is dressed.  We had fries and some crispy broccoli with dinner!

Remember cooking should be fun,
So have fun doing it!


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