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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Review 13: The Roof Rake

     So for everyone reading this post who has to get up and say, "Snow Again".  This post is for you!  For years I have never used a roof rake but now that I have I will always make sure one is my garage.  So what a Roof Rake does is takes the snow off the first few feet or your roof allowing pressure and snow to not build up.  It is a small little curved piece of plastic that is attached to a pole that can extend to over 25 feet!  The more you extend the roof rake the higher you can pull snow down or get those high peeks on your home!  However it gets harder to control I will say if you have it fully extended.

    Benefits:  Well once you pull the snow off your roof there will be less pressure as well as build up by your gutters.  If you don't clean your roof off chances are you will be fine yes, however if you want your gutters and roof to last loner and be more preventive I would use it.  After last year and the ice damming we picked one up asap this fall!  Once you pull the snow off the first few feet and get some of the snow off the gutters you will allow the roof to be exposed to the sun sooner and this will allow the gutters to be cleaned out by melting.   Once you rake and the next day or two is at least partly sunny or it just doesn't snow or stay to cold you will see a difference.  Your roof will show shingles more and your gutters will be clear.

     The assembly took a little bit of time just because the instructions were not really worded out, just some pictures.  I would say that is the only downfall.  Once put together however it works so well.  So once ready and a snow fall is over take our your roof rake.  I would wait for at least a few inches of snow.  Don't rake under that or you can damage the shingles.  Wait for a good snowfall and then go out and set your rake to what you would need per your roof.  Lift the rake up and place it on the roof and then pull.  The snow will come falling down.  Make sure nobody is under the falling snow and that you are clear too.  The snow will be heavy and cause injury.  Be safe when doing this.  After move over and keep raking.  You can get pretty high up on your lower roof and a few feet on the upper level.

     Go around the house just clearing snow off and  you will find it won't take long before you are done.  This also will give you a good exercise as you go!  If you have icicles I found this takes them down pretty easy as well.  I found I could knock down a few high ones I had.  I know after clearing off your driveway you might be tired but make sure you don't skip your roof!  It is important, height levels of snow on your roof can add weight.  Also after you rake your roof you will see your gutters will have snow in them but not covering them so the will clear off sooner than if you didn't.

     I would anyone who gets snow.  Be safe and get a roof rake, take the time to protect your roof and rake it off.  Get them fall however because come winter the stores will be out.  I would say that about anything.  Make sure you prep early and get everything you need right when things come out in the late fall.

     The Roof Rake will cost about $50 but it could be found for less or more.  I will say it is worth it, they will last for years to come and the damage they could safe is just worth it.  So for this review I would say this is a great product and they are sold at most any hardware store.

The Roof Rake:

I hope you enjoyed this review for questions or if you have used this and want to share please leave a comment.  Also have a product you would like to have reviewed let me know.  Below are some pictures of the Roof Rake.  I don't have any of me using it just because the weather has been nice but here is what it looks like.  Very simple but very effective.

I hope you enjoyed this review.


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