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Monday, February 29, 2016

Parenting 366!

     Hello all!  So today is a special day to day is February 29th!  Yes the leap year has arrived, ever four years we get one extra day.  So today is the only day in the year that conflicts my blog!  My blog site is Parenting 365 because every day you are a parent.  Every day you clock in no matter what or age of your kids.  When they are little and need you every day or older and call you at midnight because you have water on your ceiling.  No matter what, on that first day they are born and you hold them promising them you just clocked in to work knowing it was a 24/7 shift.

     So today parents we get another day, one extra fun day this year to spend with our kids.  If you are a parent like me and this day doesn't fall on a day you have your child then don't worry.  Today is only day 60 and with 306 days left I know you will be strong and fine.  So take today to enjoy that fun extra day in February.  Do you know any Leap Year babies?  I know only one.  I always thought what a fun day to be born.  There are some fun days within our calendar year but this one is very special.  Babies are born every day however every four years are odds then getting this special day is to add to that.  I do love my birthday I will admit but this day is pretty cool too.

     So do Leap Year people celebrate on February 28th or March 1st when it isn't leap year?  Well if you are one please let me know and Happy Birthday too by the way.

     I hope everyone has a great leap year and if you have your kids this day well think of it as an extra day so take advantage of it and enjoy the time you have with them!  Remember this won't happen again for another 4 years so enjoy this fun day!

    So today I get to celebrate and say Happy Parenting 366!!!

Happy Leap Year!!


     Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...



  1. Hey, this is the very moment I have heard that its Leap year! Right now, has made the penny drop and its exciting to learn. Thank you for being the first person that has mention it. As I sit here thinking what I did that world famous day... 29th Feb, I realised now how I missed it, I was specially working away on a normal busy Tuesday. How sad is that, hope I'm on to it time around. Anyways, enjoy this rest of your leap year and have fun with the kids this coming weekend :)

    1. Hello Trina!
      I'm glad i can help how fun! Yes what a fun day it is. I can't wait to see Quinn to thank you! What a weekend we have planned too!