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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day!

     Today was Father's Day and it wasn't our weekend with Quinn however we got to pick her up on Saturday and haver her till Father's Day evening.  Saturday we had dinner with Aunt Ro and some other family members.  It was nice we relaxed and just hung out a bit.  When we got home Quinn and Kayla gave me my fathers day gift.  It was really sweet.  We sat together and Quinn showed me what she made me in school.  It was really cool to just have a night in and spend it with Kayla and Quinn.

Opening some gifts

Just hanging out and being Dad.

     We had a fire later that night and hung out.  Quinn loved it and it was her first fire with us since we got our new fire pit.  We had a lot of fun she was so excited to stay up and hang out with us.  Sunday we got up and Quinn made me some breakfast with Kayla's help.  She was so proud and excited to do this.  She is such a good helper.  We then went out and washed our cars.  It was nice to get some sun and just have fun washing our cars.  Quinn loves it and helped clean and dry them.  I think the cars needed it they were happy.  A good day to be outside!

     We called Kayla's Dad and wished him happy Fathers day per they are a bit out of our area and after talking a bit we then headed over to my parents.  We had some dinner and then did some gifts.  My Dad just wanted to be around us but we got him some fun stuff anyways!  I think this year all I wanted to do was play catch with him.  So Kayla and I went out and got some baseball gloves!  I got a new one, she did too.  We then got my Dad one.  After dessert we went outside and threw the ball around.  Just a game of catch.  Quinn played with my Mom and Ken then she even helped play catch with us.

     Playing catch with my Dad always brings me back to the old days when I was playing baseball and just throwing the ball around after dinner.  That nice summer night when it cools down, those memories are some you never forget.  I think all kids love a good game of catch with their Dad after dinner, there is just something about it.  It was a great night and after some pictures we headed on home.
Catch with my Dad...

Kayla and Dad.

Everyone just had a great day.

Ken, Dad and I

Here we are 3 generations...
Happy Fathers Day Old Man...

     I wanted to say Happy Father's Day to all the Fathers out there working so hard for their families and kids.  My Father was a big part of my life and I work very hard to make sure Quinn knows I am.

     Fathers are so important to their kids and if the family is not together you as a father have to work hard to show your child you are there and how much you love them.  My Dad has always been there he has come over in the middle of the night to help if we had house trouble and never complained just said i'll be over.  When I was growing up I can remember our phone ringing very early in the morning and my dad answering.  It was work and after a few minutes he would just tell them he was on his way.  He wold get dressed and head in.  He went away on business and we would always run to him when he came home.  He got us in the cub then Boy Scouts and always enjoyed camping and just being with him.  He along with my Mom raised Ken and I right and I can't thank him enough.  He was always there no matter what and I can't thank him enough for everything he has done.

     Thanks Dad so much, I love you so much!

     I hope everyone had a great day with your father or at least called to wish them a happy Fathers day if they live farther out.  Thank you Dad for all you have done and all you do!

One of the Best Father, Son Movie Scenes...
Make sure you watch.

From one Father to all the Rest...  You are as Important as you are Loved...

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


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