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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Tuesday's Tip: Rewarding with words...

     This past weekend I explained in my weekend update how much fun we had and how Quinn is getting better at picking up and listening.  Sunday before we went to our friends house we explained her room needs to be picked up and she has an hour before she goes.  When she came downstairs she was so excited of her progress.  She couldn't wait to show us.  We went up stairs and her room was picked up, it looked really good.

     We told her we were so happy and she did a great job.  She was so happy to see how excited we were.  We told her as time goes on we won't be reminding her and she will have to know that on Sunday's she needs to get her room picked up.  We will start with a small allowance however its really words that inspire kids.  They want our approval so much and they just love when our eyes light up.  The feeling of accomplishment is something you can't get unless you give that hard work.  Supporting your child after is just so important so here are some fun tips you might find useful!

1)  Explain what your child needs to do, tell them what chores are on their list.

2)  Give them a time frame and let them know, maybe give a reminding per time for them is not as understood as it is to adults.

3)  Don't check on them just let them do the chore and when they are done let them come to you.

4)  When they come down be excited to see the job done!

5)  If they worked hard show them love and appreciation!  Tell them they did a good job and you are so proud of them!

6)  Offer any constructive criticism and be nice about it if there is room for improvement.

7)  Don't offer a reward right away but you can advise down the road an allowance can be talked about.  You want them to know they have to do chores with no reward, we don't get paid for everything in life!

8)  Remind them that the chores have to continue and to get in a routine with them.

9)  Add more or change the chores they do as time goes on.  Giving them more responsibility.

10)  Always be there to help and teach them.  However always show how good of a job they did.

     If your child worked very hard on something and you come down on them or don't show any appreciation they will be hurt and it will hit them hard.  Giving some good advise is one thing but remember they are learning so be easy on them.  If you show how excited they are, this will boost their confidence and be excited to do the next job you have for them.  All kids want is for their parents to be proud of them and to love them, that's it.  Really easy when you think about it!

    Remember also to teach or show them to they can't be expected to know everything in this world, we don't!  Show love and support, it is worth more than anything physically you can offer.

I hope this post helped and if you have any let us know!

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


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