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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Tuesday's Tip: Learning to Swim

     Now that summer is here many people will be heading to the pool or different bodies of water.  Now this tip isn't going to teach you to swing, however just advise have your kids learn.  Swinging is so important just because kids and adults drown every year and learning to swim is easy and fun.  Quinn has been taking lessons for years and I am so proud of her.  This past weekend we went swimming and though she could touch the bottom she still was swimming and diving around.  I was proud because she can swing without help.  Now she hasn't gone in a deep end much but I now she will do just fine!

     So my tip is just simple, Sign your kids up for swing lessons at a young age and make sure you can swing yourself.  There are many places that will offer lessons and just doing a search will find a few.  Call around and check, see pricing and what is offered.  Make sure your child continues to go and learn as she gets to be a stronger and stronger swimmer.  Swimming is so important because one day you could find your self falling in water or you may need to run out and save someone one day.  I was so happy to see how well Quinn was doing in the pool when we went swimming.  She swam around so well and I can remember when I first brought her in a pool as a baby.

     You wouldn't believe how many kids and adults can't swim, once you get older the fear will take over and you will soon not go near water.  I am grateful I learned how to swim because growing up my friends had pools so going over in the summer was always fun.  Knowing Quinn can now swim and is getting stronger and stronger at swimming makes me feel safe.

     What you can do is look for places that offer swim lessons as well as take your child swimming and showing them your selves.  Just make them feel safe and don't throw them in and say go!  Take your time and let your child go at their pace.  As they grow older let them take more advanced lessons.  Even if they don't become professional swimmers at least they will know how to stay safe in the water which now a days is just so important.  With open pools and water all over I can't say how important it is to have this skill.

     I know this tip wasn't long but honestly it is just that important.  Swimming is just something that is fun and easy to learn.  The outcome also maybe you living.  I hope everyone has a safe and fun start to summer!

Here we are! Well kinda I think I'm sleep swimming!

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