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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tuesday's Tip: Being ready for Summer!

     So Summer is official here!  So what other way to get ready then to send you some tips so you are ready!  With Summer here we have to be careful and safe, not only from the sun but from boredom!  Before summer arrives try to plan out some ideas's so you're not just going to the same park or staying in side watching TV.  Below are some great tips to get you ready for summer!

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  1)  Make sure you have sunscreen.  Make sure it is new and enough to protect your kids.  Sun burns are very dangerous and can cause long term damage.  They also hurt like hell.

  2)  Make a list of things to do for the summer, look into different places to go and enjoy.  This way you have ideas!

  3)  Have your pool ready, or know friends with them!  Having a pool at your disposal is key for those hot summer days!

  4)  If the day is to hot, stay inside and do things outside at night.  See fireworks, or have a bonfire!  Have fun inside a safer time frame.

  5)  Enjoy your summer.  Depending on where you live, most people in colder areas the summer is great! If you live south of your country it may be to hot to enjoy.  Either way with summer out take time to enjoy the time you kids have off!

     With summer now starting and so much to do make sure you take the time to do it!  There are many fun things you can do inside if its to hot, or invest in a fun smaller pool if you don't have a larger one.  Going out and taking hikes and camping are also always great summer things to do and enjoy!  Always make sure you have plenty of water and get some time in the shade as well.

   Summer is also fun for just taking a walk with a nice cold ice cream or icy treat!  If you have a beach or lake near by its nice to just take a walk and enjoy the scenery.  If you have friends with a boat get out and do some boating!  It's cheaper to know someone with a boat than buying your own!  Also remember to stay active, if you have cold winters don't spend all your summer inside because you have time to do this in the colder winter months.  Visit lots of parks, see friends and just enjoy the day!  Just remember to cover up and be safe.

     This year we have a lot planned with Quinn, I can't wait to share how our summer goes!

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