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Monday, June 6, 2016

What's Your Super Power?

     Several Years ago I came into a superpower I didn't want.  After my divorce and many days and sleepless nights I finally realized it was not going back to the way it was...  As I started this blog I wanted to tell my story but I also wanted to tell others that is is OK to feel sad or hurt if this happens however you need to bounce back because you have a little one that depends on you.  

     Working with my Ex and making sure I was showing Quinn support, as well as making sure everyone else see's here is difficult.  Between working, maintaining a home and cooking/shopping for this little was a task I was nervous about.  Over time I just stood up and said I won't let it bring me down.  Yes we go to the park and it was just us but that only made each of us stronger.  Yes arguing with her Mom at times is hard but you can't get pushed aside.  Before Kayla came into our lives there were times I just wasn't sure how I was hold it all together.  However we made it, Quinn loves coming over and I made that special bond and foundation as she grew and continues to grow up.  

     I took my time and then finally dated, tried it a bunch and then met Kayla.  Now not tech a single parent anymore, but having been one I wanted to say this.  All parents are Hero's.  Parents that are involved and show up!  Single parents get a tough rap because were not a perfect family anymore...  Well there are so many divorces now a day's its very common.  However for the parent working two jobs and being tired most of the time you are a hero.  I've been there and all I can say is just don't give up, never give in.  No matter how hard it might feel or be keep pushing, loving and hugging! 

     I pay child support and then turn around and have to buy cloths and food too.  It's hard but just seeing her smile and get excited when we pick her up is worth it all.  There is no other reward than the love of a child parent or step parent the love is real.  I want all parents going through a separation or divorce to always know it will get better.  It will, never give in and never give up.  Don't sign anything until you know your rights.  Try to work together but also keep a distance and use the court system to protect you.  

      As a single parent I had to work two jobs and never let my daughter know how tight money was or how tired I was.  I had to always show I was ready for whatever she wanted to do and as she gets older she is more understanding of everything however as frustrated as I get I still try to keep as much a secret.  I never want her to know I work early in the morning till late at night then cook and clean.  Kayla and I both, all for a good life.  To give her and us a safe and loving home.  We try to teach her and discipline her  all to show her what life is.  This is what we do, this is what you do!  This is what superheros do...  We do and never ask anything in return.  We don't want a reward, we just want our kids to grow up safe, happy and to pay it forward.  To make the world a better place... 
     You are a Hero and never forget this.  I have had many years to get stronger but everyone is at different stages so I remind you there will come a time you will stand up and know you are a super hero too.  I hope this post reaches you all and weather single or not Parents are superheros because we are helping our future become a better one...

You have Super Powers!
Always Remember

You are Never Alone...


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