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Monday, June 27, 2016

A birthday wish to my Brother and Mother in law!

     This past weekend was a busy one, the last few post can tell you this.  Sunday we took some time to just relax.  We called Kayla's Mom because it was her birthday!  We wished her happy birthday and even Quinn got to say hi!  I was sad we didn't get to see her however we will be seeing her and the family in a few weekends.  That afternoon we had lunch with my brother and parents per my brothers birthday is today!  After we headed back to my parents and hung out there.  We did some swimming and just tried to stay cool.

    I wanted to wish both my Mom and Brother a very happy birthday!  I know they both hate their pictures taken and my brother always tells me no pics on the internet!  It's ok he won't mind.  Don't worry I will get a picture of my mother up north in a few weekends she will fight me on it but ill force it.  I also have Quinn, she can be a secret weapon so if your reading this your getting a picture!

    I wanted to say Happy Birthday to a great and wonderful Mother in Law.  Elaine has been so supportive of us and has opened her doors to me and my family.  It can be difficult after a divorce where family is hurt and has to draw sides.  Moving on and having a new family can be scary, you wouldn't understand unless you experienced it, which I hope nobody has to...  However she has been there for us as we grew and got married. They come and visit us as much as they can and we travel up there as much as we can.  The drive isn't bad but the weekends always feel short.  Thank you for everything and thank you for always being there for us.  She loves us and loves Quinn so very much and when they see her she gives Quinn the biggest hugs.  Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do.

     Now on to my big brother...  From the beginning he has been there my big brother.  If you saw us you would never know.  You would think one was adopted, and my parents would point to me!  As we grew up we were always close. With different friends and different lifestyles we always still had time to hang out.  I would come home late and he would be watching a movie in the family room.  I would usually sit in and join him.  After I moved out he came around to visit and now with my new home he does too.  During his less busy season he usually swings by for an hour or two to just hang out.  He loves Quinn very much she loves pushing his buttons and well he pushes her's.  With just one brother growing up I was still happy because we were close even if we had different paths.

     I know both my mother in law and brother don't want to much attention but a post to say thank you and happy birthday is the least I can do.  My mother in law lucked out I don't have a picture on hand but don't worry I will be bringing that camera up north soon!

     Happy birthday to my Big Bro and my Mother in law who both have been so supportive and wonderful.  Kayla,Quinn and I love you very much!

Always Remember,
You are Never alone...  


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