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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

YouTube or Bust!!!

     Hello everyone, so if you have been following me you know a while ago I started a page on cooking.  I put up different meals I made along with the ingredients and directions.  I was having a great time and had so many nice complements I thought it was time for an upgrade!

     So starting this early Fall we are reopening the corner but will be doing a YouTube channel!  Yes I'm going viral!  Well prob not but...  I will still be posting the meals but also showing a video as well.  So if you are wondering why the Fall then I will tell ya!  I have done a lot of research and want to do this show right.  I am in the process of making sure I have all the right hardware and software.  We are in good shape right now, we just need a few more things and need to figure out what editing software to start with.  I would like to do this as professional as I can and don't want bad footage or not quality sound.  My wife and I also work 2 jobs each and have Quinn so the expenses are there to say the least...

     However I want to have a trailer this summer to show you all and that should be good to go soon!

"So can we get a sneak peek since we love you Chris and are G+ followers/friends"?.....

OKAY...... Since I love you all, here is whats going on...

    So after much research I thought how nice to do a show that shows everyone that with just a simple kitchen they can make great food!  I don't have any gimmicks or anything just feel there are great cooking shows/channels but they may go to fast or use equipment the average person cant afford, or use food we don't know where to find or what is!  So I want to show everyone there are great meals and sides you can make!  You, and your family and friends will enjoy!  I want to show the single person, person in a relationship, and family person there are great meals!  I will touch base on cooking healthy, non healthy and cooking for and with kids!

     Also I want to have a segment on that crazy midweek!  I always found it doesn't matter when your midweek falls I always feel it's just the hardest day to cook for!  So I want to make videos of amazing meals you can put together for those days!  You maybe single or in a relationship or have a family, either way I feel everyone just has that one or two days where they get busy or work late, or have kids events and just don't know what to eat!  Your out of leftovers and its not yet payday!  So now what?

    Well I wanna change that!  I want to show you what great tools and foods you can store in your kitchen to have you ready and what items you may need to get ahead of time.  Then you can make a meal as your family is walking in!  BOOM 0 TO HERO!!!!

    Most importantly I wanna have fun, I want to listen to your comments and emails and just show you how much fun you can have cooking.  I want to have people over and get them to share their meals with us as well as go to other kitchens and see whats going on!  You never know, I may end up in your Kitchen one day!

    Either Way I hope you check it out when I get it moving.  I didn't include my site yet per its under construction!  I will however keep you posted!  You can follow me on G+ for more info or save/follow my blog to keep up to date.  There are a lot of cooks online, but I hope you find my channel and enjoy it.

     I want to thank all my friends and family for being my Beta Testers!  I asked around some friends and they are all excited and ready to start viewing and sharing.    A big thank you to my wife who is helping me with filming and gave me this idea I thought so hard over....     

     With this said I hope if you read this you do stay tuned...   I look forward to getting this moving fast!  I want to get a bunch of videos made and then put up about one video per week, maybe two here and there.

Stay tuned everyone, and remember.

Cooking should be fun, so have fun doing it!

Chef Christopher

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