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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Review 11: The GingerBread House

     For this special review I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holiday.  I wanted to post a fun review about the Gingerbread House!  This was our first year trying one and we had so much fun!  Now there are many ways you can make one, I am reviewing one you buy as a kit. 

     Kayla got a Minion one because her and Quinn love them.  The kit had everything in it which was nice and the instructions were easy to follow.  We took it out mid December and started building it.  Kayla and I did the main house per it needed more of an adult touch.  Quinn then decorated and finished the last several parts.  The house was fun to make and included everyone.  I think they are actually really cool because they include all walks of life.  I know the holiday time is different for everyone per their religion however anyone can make a Gingerbread house! 

     So we put the walls and used the frosting to hold them together, then Quinn decorated with the left over frosting and candy they provide.  We really had so much fun.  I know you can actually do them without a kit we just wanted to make it a bit easier since we are not hardcore builders!  I think the kit's they now have really are fun and make the day enjoyable.  When it was done we all had this big feeling of accomplishment!  We took pictures and had the house out for display!

     You can make one from scratch or you can get a kit pretty much almost anywhere.  I would say bring your family together one day and make one.  Have fun and laugh as you all work together, split up the work so everyone gets to help also!  Your kids will want to feel they did some work too!

     I will say a few downsides, they can be tricky to build.  Frosting is not glue so it can take time to get the frame set!  Also you have to keep an eye out because of how sweet it is, you may get fruit fly's or the family pet my see and want to get at it!  Keep it covered or protected and take it down over time. 

   Again, I didn't really post about a specific one just wanted to say they are just so much fun and what a great idea to keep the family busy if its cold outside and you need a fun activity to do! 

I hope everyone had a great holiday and enjoyed this review!  I look forward to next year's monthly reviews and if you would like something reviewed let me know!

Enjoy the pics!

Minions Gingerbread House Kit

Everything was included

My Daughter had a great time helping

Here is the finished house

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