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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Review 3: Book Coping With Divorce

     Today I write about my first review I have done on a book.  I took some time to look over some friends blogs who review books and got some tips!  I hope I do them well, their sites will be posted below.

     Several years ago when I was going through my divorce and living in my own home I was given this book to help me though some of the hard times.  The book is called Coping with Divorce, by Jim Greteman.  Jim is a marriage and divorce counselor for the family services department of the Catholic Charities in Sioux City, Iowa.  He has many years of experience as well as devised a counseling program that has been used in over 350 programs including the Menninger Clinic and U.S Army and Navy Departments.  This book dates back to the early 1980's but one of the things I love about it is how simple it is.  The author explains that the book is simple and appeal to the child in us and is to the point.  It doesn't ask of us for much and after several months he advises to look it over again because you most likely react differently to its contents and help with the healing process.

     The book starts off by explaining in a simple term what a divorce is and how its like a death of a relationship.  It continues to explain how our moods are very fragile and one second you can be laughing the next crying. Why I like this book is because the book is smaller and not your typical book.  There is only a few sentences per page with pictures so you don't feel you are reading a dry novel. It talks about hope, forgiveness and how to start moving on.  The book isn't a religious book to make you feel pressured but it expresses in finding religion or staying with your religion is very helpful and I agree.  Having my faith through my divorce is what helped the most.

    The book has a great frame of starting, getting you to understand your self better then closing with the encouragement of moving forward.  What I love also is in the back he gives helpful organizations you can reach out to.  You can read it in one sitting and keep it for when you grow and are stronger.

     You can purchase the book on Amazon. Here is the Link.  When I think about books for self help I feel simple is better.  I feel a long dry book will only keep you from wanting to keep reading.  When going through a divorce you mood can be different at anytime and sometimes it is hard to even take advise.  I didn't look at this book for a few years.  I put it away because honestly I didn't want to see it.  I know as hard as that sounds it just takes time.  However I really liked this book and think it is a wonderful contribution to a very hard time in ones life. 

    Besides books always remember to lean on family, friends and faith during this time...

I wanted to post two of my friends sites that do many reviews on books. 
Check out their sites!

lavenderinspiration By Nikki

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Look for more reviews to come! 

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  1. Hey, I didn't know that you did reviews! If you ever want to do a review for my blog my doors are always open. :) That book sounds really good and thanks for mentioning my blog! :)
    May I ask what your faith (religion) is?

    1. Hey Alisha!
      Every month I do a review on products I may deal with or come across. This was my first book I hope I did well! I would do a review on your blog for sure!! I haven't reviewed a blog yet! My religion is Episcopalian, I like it, been it my whole life, hard as hell to spell however.. haha...

  2. Hey Chris, well done and such a helpful book to recommend. And, thanks for the plug. :)