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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A mid week break

     Hello all!  I hope this mid week break finds you well!  I picked up Quinn today and we were off.  We headed home and made some dinner with Kayla.  She has been doing better at eating her vegetables but we have to work on that still.  Being Wednesday we just take it easy but I am happy to say we didn't watch much TV tonight and she played with her learning game and talked to us more.

     As we headed to bed she still put a fight up because she wants her stuffed animal.  Her Bunny she brings back and fourth, well and everywhere to be honest.  She put a big fight up and honestly not sure why she is still needing it so much.  I think and have seen her Mom giving her the Bunny to much and not taking it away.  Again being a single parent isn't easy and when you don't speak much for different reasons it just makes it harder.

     So we had some battles to go over but in the end we put a stuffed animal in time out.  It's easy but she has to learn she can't scream and slam her foot on the ground.  I looked into a blog a mother has and she talked about trying when-then.  You say when you do this, then this happens, so for example I said when you get in PJ's then you get Bunny.  Being 6 she needs to be getting dressed her self without question.  So after talking to her very nicely she still wouldn't listen.  I put the stuffed animal in time out and told her if she keeps yelling while she brushed she would loose it tonight.  She did and I had to stick to what I said.  She got to pick another stuffed animal and did put a fight up before bed but we as a society can't raise our kids to make them think they can do anything.  I don't know what else goes on at her other home but if she gets what she wants then its only going to be that much harder for her when she grows up and live teaches her lessons.

     I told her I don't like punishing her at all, but when we try to talk to her and she won't listen then we have to do sometime.  Life will not allow people to just walk around and get their way.  Yes rich people try and famous people do to but i have to say this now, she is neither!  People with fame and money shouldn't either.  Growing up in a middle class home my parents raised me to work hard to get where I am, and to just do what your told.  She is little and learning but I hope she comes away as a learning experience.  I know she will, it just sometimes hard because we don't have much time and I hate to argue or punish her.  I know she will come out stronger...

She knows how much I love her.

Always remember,
You are never alone...


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