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Monday, December 29, 2014

A week of Scouting

     There were always a few Scouting events I loved more than others and the training course they offer was one of them.  The Scouts offer a leadership program for kids to go through and learn how to be come leaders.  They usually go through it when they are just starting their early years in Scouting.  Down the road sometimes they are then asked to Staff which is another amazing experience.  I got to do both, it was an amazing experience.  You as a participant are put in a patrol with all other kids from different areas.  You have to learn to work with them and become a unit.  They make sure not to put anyone from the same troop because you know the other kids in your troop.  So for a week you have events, games and training sessions to go through.  At the end of the week you bond with your fellow patrol and don't want to leave.

     A few years after I went through the course I was asked to staff and that was even more amazing.  You get to see the behind the scenes and actually work with the kids.  You also get the experience of being a leader for the kids.  It was a week of just so much fun, the staff was amazing.  We even met up down the road and kept in touch.  They were a great group of people, an experience I'll never forget.  Years down the road my Dad and I were asked to help on staff again as adults.  We were Quarter Masters, that means we prepped the food and made sure the equipment was in good shape for the scouts.  We had so much fun it was great to be home, I felt as I was there.  Last year we stayed almost the whole week.  It was amazing we bonded with the staff and got to know some of the kids.  I can't tell you how excited I was.  I got to tent with my old man and we spend the days getting food ready for the kids.  I love Camp Cutler because it's an old camp that has a lot of historic value.  Nothing has changed, it was like I was just there as a scout my self.

    We had a water fight, staff hunt, and lots of great meals.  At the end we had a feast and put together a meal for all the staff and scouts.  Later that night we had our final campfire and ceremony.  It was a great week.  Just being there was amazing.  I love how much my Dad loves Scouting.  After my brother and I got Eagle and moved on a bit he stayed with it.  My brother are still involved just in different ways.  This week we had was and will always be one of my favorites.  It just has such a special meaning when we go and just see what nature offers.  Get away from TV, phones, work the city.  There is always something amazing about being at the top of a hill with little technology.  Now a days the kids have computers and phones yes things have updated but we still don't get service so at least we have that!

    My Dad and I got setup and just had some time to get adjusted to being back.  We got there around Wednesday and had all week to work.  We prepped all their meals, made sure they were ready for the overnight they had to do and be in charge of all the food coming in and going out.  Staff also got to go eat with the patrols every meal.  Towards the end of the week there is a big water fight we all have and then a nice dinner as well.  The scouts also go on an overnight leaving the staff to just hangout and have fun.  We watch movies and just relax, get some good food laugh and play cards.  When the week is done we usually don't want to go.  One of my favorite events and I get to spend the week wit my Dad which is awesome to!  I hope everyone has a special event you get to share with a family member.

     I hope we do go back next Summer, I am so excited to be able to go and enjoy the week again.

Enjoy the pics!

Always remember,
You are never alone...

Here was our tent.

The Quartermasters!


Getting ready for the morning ceremony


Goofing off and just having fun.


Mr. Marone's Weather Machine.

The Union reps.

the big water fight was about to begin.

Here I am with my Dad, umbrella and all.

Getting ready for battle!

Our big feast!


Closing ceremony

Even had time for ice cream

The Union guys.

Dad, Paul and a I

Dad and I

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