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Thursday, December 11, 2014

We survived the first storm

     So last year I had to get the old Snow blower fixed.  I called up dear old Dad and with the help of YouTube he got the whole thing taken apart and about $260 later fixed!  I have to say it does a great job, it feels like 500 lbs.  I call it the tank because how heavy and strong it is.  An old Snow blower from back in the day my Dad gifted it to me when he got his new one.  After the snow fall we have had over the years it is a blessing. 

     I have cleaned out drive ways the old fashion way and that is one workout, however when time is against you nothing beats machines!  One of better ones I own it can help clear your driveway without issue.  Who ever invented them, well thank you!  Plows are nice, but I don't have room to make hills.  I ran it both last night and today and it just keep pushing through.  When I get home tonight I probably will use it one more time.  I can remember last year while it was being fixed Kayla and I shoveled, we got by but because we have so much to do it was one heck of a time.  So I got up this morning and forgot it snowed last night!  Ugh..  I got dresses fast and rand down stairs as Kayla got Quinn up.

     I got the tank running well and cleared out most of the drive way.  We still had to dig our cars out up front but we did eventually get out.  However I will say in about a little under 1/2 hour I got almost the whole thing cleared out.  I worked hard and fast, with Quinn yelling out the window of Kays car that she loves me and bye we were off.  I like snow, I do just on the weekends when I can clear up the drive way without issues or work!

     Leaving yesterday in the snowstorm was not fun.  It took about 2 hours to leave work, get Quinn make on stop then head home.  It was tiring, of course we had to get the snow on the day I had her but that's how the cards fell I guess.  So here we are snowstorm over and we made it.  The Tank is still running and another day is ending.  At least now the roads are cleared and it will be an easy ride home.

    I hope everyone around the cold weather is surviving!  Remember to be safe and don't strain if you have to shovel. 

Always remember,
You are never alone...


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