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Sunday, December 7, 2014

New site Name!

     So for months now I have been wanting to update my site name.  I wanted something more towards Parenting and with the new site adjustments coming soon I am happy to announce the new site will be!


Now the site is not used so I am only going to leave this up for a day or so, so i can update the name!
     Whats this mean for you?  Well honestly i hope nothing.  I hope if you get my blog via email it should still just direct you to the site!  If not please just reach out to me or re do the email following and the new link should work.  I'm not IT or anything, my IT guy has been busy so were gonna try this. 
     I wanted to focus on more parenting and take my name out, maybe more people will find my site and we can get this moving!  Also yes please forward my site to anyone you feel would benefit from it!
The changes should be set probably early next week but I will leave this post up for a while so you all know!
Fingers Crossed!
Always remember you are never alone..

Please write down my new site name!

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