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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Elf is here!

     Tonight Quinn was excited to see that Santa's Elf was here.  She came and left a note along with some instructions for Quinn.  Telling her she will be watching her and reporting to Santa!  The Elf on the shelf is a very fun event.  Quinn wrote the elf a note to give to Santa and she understands what she needs to do.

     Santa advised she needs to listen to Daddy and Kayla, she needs to be good this Holiday Season.  She also needs to give up 5 toys.  Santa told her there are other kids in the world that have less.  So she has to donate 5 toys this year.  I am excited because this shows she should give back and she already found one toy she would like to give to another child to have.  So I explained she can not touch the toy and that she will move around and leave presents or even play tricks on her!  Her name is Holly and Quinn was very excited, she said she looked different than the one at her Mom's house and I told her of course!  Santa has many different helpers!  So as we start this season we will see what the Elf has in store for Quinn!

     The Holiday season is so important because it shows that we need to give not just receive.  We go most of the year working and just keeping busy but this time of year no matter your religion get out and help others.  So many need a warm place to stay, a good meal to eat and just a warm caring day.  So I hope we all take note that the Elf is watching.

Always remember,
You are Never Alone...

Here is Quinn and Holly the Elf

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