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Friday, December 5, 2014

Remembering Paul Walker


    The weekend of Thanksgiving last year, 2013 Paul Walker tragically lost his life in a motor vehicle accident. I posted this, Sometimes it takes a few days to sink in.  Over the past year Paul's death effected me in a way I never imagined.  He passed away this time last year.  As I learned more and more about Paul I saw this truly amazing person.  Paul never let Hollywood get the best of him.  He was a down to earth person, jeans and a t-shirt guy who loved life.  I learned weeks and months later how he just was the most caring and giving person out there.  He loved his family, friends and what he did, making movies.  Paul's death came tragically to the world and I still can't believe today he's still gone.  I believe every death is sad but when you have and older person who lived life and saw their family grow there is sense of peace knowing they lived a good life.  I think when anyone young passes away it is just so hard to process.  So much life left, so many memories and things to do.  The first few weeks after his death I though about it all the time and had to focus on trying not to.  As time passed it wasn't has hard, until clips would come around on the internet and TV.  Below you will read just a little bit about what Paul Walker was like and did but for more info check out Wikipedia for a full bio.

     It actually took me weeks to finally finish and put this post together.  Maybe part of me just didn't want to finish it for some unknown reason, or I just felt it was never perfect or good enough.  I'd like to think if he say this he would smile and approve. 

   Below as you read this post you will see some things Paul did you never knew he was involved with.  I posted about him before but I really wanted to pay good tribute to such an amazing man.  You will see some aspects about Paul as you scroll down the page, he was truly an amazing person.

     If by chance you are reading this post via email please go to my actually blog to see the video's and other links I have put in for this special post...

     Paul the Humanitarian...

                                              Video about Paul's Organization


     When disaster struck Paul and his organization Reach Out World Wide were there to help those in need.  I encourage you to check out his site and donate.  Paul traveled around the world as well our own US Soil helping setup camps, temporary hospitals and getting aid to people in need.  The people there was so thankful to just have water stations Paul described in a video.  As the video's about Paul and his life were put together I couldn't help but hold back the tears.  Tears for someone I never met, not because he was famous, or because he was in movies I loved.  Tears because how pure of a good person he was, he didn't get into trouble or show that his fame got the best of him.  Honestly being part of an organizing like that is truly remarkable I would love to have the change to go and assist in the aid like that.  I hope I get to one day.
     Here are some of the most amazing pictures of Paul, overseas as he helped out people all over the world.  Above is a Video of what they do and some amazing pictures.  Paul gathered helpers from doctors to firefighters and civilians to come help others in need.  The video and pictures say it all.  The people that helped Paul would go for weeks at a time giving up their everyday lives to help those in need.  We live in a world where we know there is hardship but because we have our own families to fend for we all can't go and help.  Paul went, took others and went to help people he never met or even seen before.  This is why I urge you to help out organizations like this.  Send money or goods or time even if you can.  Do whatever you can to because there are people who live in poverty without even drinking water.  We take what we have for granted and even the smallest of donations goes a long way. 

     Paul the Actor...


     When it comes to famous actors, singers, sports athletes and anyone that is in the spotlight they have a responsibility to their fans, and the youth to hold up a certain respect for them selves and what they do.  Paul was untouched by the inauthenticity of Hollywood glamor.  I know we are all human and things slip but its just so sad when you see these people who kids look up to doing dumb things.  Getting into trouble, doing drugs or getting arrested.  Paul was never like that.  There are many other actors and actresses like him but in this day and age there is just so much drama and media out there. 

     I think Paul understood what it meant to show his fans and the world a good moral compass.  Paul made dozens of great movies the Fast & Furious movies made him famous, even though he didn't make it out that way.  Paul started off his acting career very young and appeared in many TV shows and many movies. There are still movies coming out with Paul in them and right after his death the movie Hours came out.  When I think about the fast and Furious series I think he would want the show to go on.  He would want the movies to finish and with the rumors about his brother filling in I believe he would be proud.  He was the kind of guy that went to the premier of his movies but didn't watch them.  One interview he said he was going to, something about not wanting to see himself on screen.   This movie is about Paul who in the midst of Hurricane Katernia has to save his newborn baby.  I can't wait to see it and heard it was one of his best roles. 

     Not to long ago Brick Mansions came out, it was the last movie Paul fully finished.  I have yet to see it however I will at some point.  After his tragic death Hours, and Brick Mansions were released and over the course of the months you have to relive seeing his face and hearing him again as the commercials come out.  When they would come on honestly it was hard.  After all I learned about Paul and what he does seeing more films appear just made it tougher.  I do encourage everyone to see any of his great movies but I would say make sure to see Hours, Bick Mansions and then Fast 7 when it comes out in 2015.  I know you will enjoy his films as much as he did making them.

Paul the Racer...

     He also knew the life he lived, a racer in the fast lane.  He was part of a race team called Always Evolving.  He said an interview he wanted to break 200mph.  The fastest he ever went at that time was 197.  I  Above is Paul with his family, below Paul loved to race.

Paul a Brother, and Son...

Here is Paul with his siblings

Paul Walker, Father, Paul Walker Sr.
Paul and his parents

     Here are some pics of Paul with his family.  He was very family orientated  his Dad spoke after his passing and you could just hear how devastated he was.  As far as this section goes I didn't think I had to just add wording.  Paul was a good brother and Son, his family loved him dearly. 

Paul the Father...

      I think I saved the best for last.  Paul the single Dad...  Paul was a father who like every single Dad had his own struggles.  His daughter lived out in Hawaii for about 13 years until she moved with him in California.  Like I said earlier Paul stayed out of trouble and wasn't in the media so there wasn't much known about is family life.  I know all single Dad's have different struggles but unless the child lives with us we all have one common struggle, we don't see our child usually as much as their Mother.  A lot of parents do work together, some on different levels and what I saw and red about Paul was his Daughter's Mother was a close friend to him.  However not seeing your child everyday must be so hard.  I don't know how he did it.

     I can't imagine how devastated his Daughter now must be, to finally come home to live with your father and have him taken from you.  I know she has a difficult path but she is her Fathers Daughter so she is strong.  What makes Paul one of my favorite actors and people was just how good of a father he was.  He didn't spend time getting in trouble or wasting money.  H used his energy and resources for good and this is why a single Dad like Paul is a role model and hero to the single Dad community. 

  I honestly don't know what I would say if I had the chance to meet him, I like to think I still will one day.  When I looked over pictures like the ones below, I just see Paul being a dad.  I can see my self in the same kind of pictures with my daughter.  Just a father trying to make it in the world with all the obstacles to over come.  My prayers go out to his Daughter, family and dear friends.  I am sad I never met him but know this life is only part of a bigger and greater journey.  We do what we can and hope for the best.  Life is short so always capture all the moments....

     Paul I know your looking down at us, I know we never met but from one single dad to another you were and still are so loved.  Remembered and defied the odds by showing the world who you were and by your actions...

     I wanted to post again about Paul because I found this video, his last interview they said, taken days before the accident.  It shows you just how amazing a person he was.  A down to earth guy who loved life and all that came with it...

God Bless,

Always Remember,
You are never alone...


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