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Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Big Connecticut Trip!

      So back early this Spring we took the trip out to CT.  Kayla, One of my best friends Paul and his now fiancée went to see our other best friend Jim and his now fiancée Megan.  Paul, Jim and I have been best friends since Jim wasn't even born, I was 3 and Paul 2.  We have been through everything together and always stayed the best of friends.  Jim moved out to CT to go to school and eventually stayed out there and got a job.  I have owed him a visit for a long time lets just say.  So finally we all talked this year found a weekend and planned our big trip!   We were so excited because at first we couldn't get a weekend down but then we all came together and it happened. 

     So in the end of June Kayla and I picked up Paul and Amanda and we drove to CT!  We left after work Thursday so we could have Friday to just relax and spend time with our friends.  While on the road about 3/4 of the way there my GPS well, took us the back way.  Some reason it was switched to shorter distance which brings you the back way some times.  Well there we were late at night driving down who knows, on some old road all laughing because we figured we were gonna die.  For the longest time we just kept driving and driving and then we finally arrived!  We were so excited and tired I think, mainly excited.  We greeted Jim and Megan and we got all our stuff inside.  Jim asked what happened and we told him about our back woods roads.  He laughed and said the express way was right there!  We spend the rest of the evening steeling in and just hanging out.  We got some sleep because the next few days were going to be busy!

    The next day we all got up and got the day started.  We headed into Hartford for some breakfast.  We ate at a great dinner and just talked and hung out.  We took some time to walk around the nice town and look at the shops and different places the town offered.  It was nice just to have Jim walk us around and shows us some the nice areas.  We ended up getting some great pictures and just got to hang out.  When it comes down to it all I wanted to do is spend the time with the 6 of us.  Being around Jim and Paul again was awesome, we don't get to see each other that much so we wanted to take full advantage of it.  Plus we didn't have to work and everyone likes that!  It was so nice for Kay and I because it was our first trip away.

     After we got to see the sights we headed back home and relaxed, there was a golf tournament going on near by and we all were going to go check it out.  Jim had some good deals on tickets.  So back out we headed and went to the Travelers Cup!  It was pretty cool we got to see some really good golfers and just enjoy the nice weather!  The course was beautiful and it was a perfect day to just get some sun, play some of the games they offer and laugh.  I never have been to a pro tournament and I never knew how strict it was!  You couldn't say a word!  Who wants to do that?  Either way we had so much fun.   We left and headed home to cook up some dinner.  The girls chatted inside while Jim cooked and Paul and I just hung out with him.

     Kayla told me how cute they said we were when they looked at us and how we just interacted.  Knowing them my whole life it was like old times.  Paul took veggies off the grill to eat and Jim yelled at him.  The meal was amazing, we cooked all different things on the grill and had fresh vegetables.  We all sat down, ate and just laughed as the girls asked about stories about us.  later that night we went for a walk to get some ice cream and then played games while just laughing and having some drinks.  The day was just amazing and it was such a great start. We played well into the night and then headed off to bed.

     The next day we got up and had something to eat.  This time we headed out to the see some more sights.  We saw the ocean and got a nice lunch.  Then we headed down to a small part of CT with just amazing shops and places to just look around.  We went to Mystic CT.  We walked up and down the streets looking around, eating and just hanging out.  We took some fun pictures and then stopped for a piece of pizza!  There is a place called Mystic Pizza.  It was from the Movie, so we got something to eat and finished up there.  We then moved on to a Casino!  There we went to the ponies!  Paul and Jim know how to do all that so I just said what they said and bet. haha.  It was so much fun I was so confused.  The girls sat at the bar area and the guys went and placed bets.  they are only a few dollars so it wasn't much.  We played for a while having some drinks and just hanging out.  Each of us even one at least one race! 

     At one point we put money down and the little gray hounds came out! lol we bet the dogs!  Of course the girls made us look bad!  But laughed so it was ok.  We had so much fun I never bet the horses but I would again.  After we walked the floor and just looked around.  This place had everything and there were so many people!  I couldn't believe it.  We ended up getting dinner at Michael Jordan's, he has a restaurant chain.  It was really good food, and again we just ate and then walked around.  Paul and I played a few tables and well yea I donated funds to the casino meaning I lost haha.  But we had fun, and that's all that matters.

     By the time we got back it was late, we talked a little and then were off to bed.  The next day we packed up and went out for breakfast.  After we just got everything set and headed out.  We said our goodbye's and were back on the road.  We took the express way this time!  We made good time, its about 6 hours.  The rest of the day Kayla and I relaxed and got ready for the week. 

     It was just one of the best trips I had.  We had so much fun and we all got to spend time with our loved ones and just relax.  A trip that was due for some time now.  I told Jim we would be back for sure and I have seen him since too.  It's always god to visit with your fiends even if you get busy or feel you have to much going on.  Never, always keep up with them and get out there!  Enjoy life and see the world.  I'm so glad we did, it was one of the best weekends we had.

 I hope you all like the pics!

PS Paul and Jim, sorry this post was so late!!!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Here we are the three Amigos!! 

A great group picture.

At the golf tournament.

Some of the golfers.

Some of the pretty views we had

Jim and I

Paul trying to get on the tour.  Spoiler, he didn't make it.

Kayla tried to leave me for the Lego Guy!

The guys having a cigar.

Our master chef!

Jim and Megan.

Here I am!

The beautiful waterfront.

Paul and Amanda.

We had lunch at Abbott's. In CT, not NY if your reading this and live by me!

The Girls! Kayla, Megan and Amanda.

Mystic Pizza, the food was so good.

Here we are at dinner the last night!  

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