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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Playful Elf...

     Tonight when Quinn came home she came home to a messy room!  I asked her why her toys were all out and she said she put them away!  Then as we looked closer in her Barbie house, there was Holly!  Her Elf was in the tub in her barbie house!  She had a crayon in her hand and the toys were all over.  I joked with her a bit and kept asking her why she didn't pick up the Barbies and she kept saying it wasn't her.  

     I told her that in Santa's letter he said Holly can get into some trouble and she may play tricks!  Quinn was so excited to see the Elf in her room and the fun it played on her.  We have been having such a fun time with our Elf and Quinn loves looking for her every time she comes over.  She gets so excited when she runs around looking for her.  It was funny because she came home and got so excited there were presents under the tree!  I told her they are Kayla's and Mine, then she got sad.  It was cute, I told her Santa brings her presents!  She then got it and was like "ohhh Yeaaa"  

    She had a great dinner and ate her carrots, I was so proud!  After we just hung out and since she doesn't have school I let her stay up a little longer tonight.  We hung out on the couch then went up to get ready for bed.

     As a single Dad I think we have to make sure the holiday's are so special.  I know we don't see Quinn every day but we make each day with her special.  We made the Elf event something she would love and she has.  This time of year can be hard on single parents because they miss their kids so much and the holidays can be fun and sad at the same time.  I will help next week with some tips next week!

     Here is what the trickster was up to!  As you can see the place is a mess and the Elf in the tub!  She had a fun night and I can't wait to update you all on what the Elf is up to next!  I hope everyone has a wonderful night!

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