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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Welcome to Parenting 365!

     I hope you found me!  Over the past four years I have used my name for the domain in my site. I have updated my site to Parenting365 because I am focusing more and getting information out for not only single parents but all parents.  Over the next year I hope to update my blog and have more tips, information and just pain getting more marketing for people that need help.  I can't wait to show everyone the updated blog coming this new year as well as even possibly getting tips on Youtube.

     I did update my new site to Parenting365 because I did want to lean away from my name and move towards something more helpful.  With Kay's help we came up with this name.  I want to use it to show everyone that Parenting is something that never stops.  From Day One you start you never stop.  Even for single parents we need to keep our phones by us in case of emergencies and if our child is not with us that night.  I learned very fast that you never stop being a parent and the ones that do I can only pray for.  Once you become a parent you have a little person who now depends on you, needs you and looks up to you.  Every day of the year.  From Jan 1 to Dec 31st you are now a parent and will forever be.  We don't get weekends off or Holiday pay.  We get up early, sneak power naps in and pick up toys we find around the house.  When it comes to single parenting even if you don't have your child that day you still have to work with your ex and show a good front.  When you are angry you just have to sometimes let it go.  Coming from a relationship where my Daughters Mother is very controlling especially now it isn't easy.  There are many obstacles, one's I will share and try to help you through.  I would even like your help!

     Getting my information and site out there won't be exactly easy so I do encourage my readers to help and give it to anyone who would like some good reading, parenting tips and to of course read up on Quinn.  I know there are many parenting and single parenting sites out there but my goal is to show people there is a great one that has many tools and from a single dad's point of view.  I plan on maybe reaching out to others and possible over the next year or so do some marketing.  For now I just plan on keeping the site going and helping others.  There are so many helpful tips and pointers out there so I do hope over time I can even help you...


     So I hope this site helps, I hope it does well and I hope you enjoy! 

I look forward to updating the blog very soon on this years adventures as well as parenting tips and tricks.

Even though I do not know you I love you.

Always Remember,
You are Never alone...


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