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Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Post from Eve.

   Not many times do I allow others to post let alone Eve our Halloween Kitty.  This isn't even her Holiday!  In spirit of the holidays she wants to share something she thinks you will all love.

Hello all Eve here with a  great video for you!
     A very funny and not your typical cat or baby video everyone see's and post.  So I Eve wanted to share a video I think you and all Cat's will love.  I hope everyone had a wonderful year.  I know I did, I pretty much caught up on sleep and my usual eating.  I watched some TV and sometimes got pushed off the bed.  (It happens)  I tried to get a little sister, but we wont talk about that.  So I send this post to make you all smile.  I can't talk long I know Chris has to get back to blogging about parenting and Quinn and trying to help others who need it.  So I leave you all with this...

     Have a wonderful Holiday everyone!
Enjoy the video!

Always Remember,
You are Never alone...

Even Cats...

Evy Porckchop Rosini

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