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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tuesday's Tip: Let Kid's be Kid's

     I know the past few tips have been about how to control your kids and sometimes I feel I put a bad impression about them.  Truth is they are good, they just want independence and to have a voice.  This pas weekend I feel asleep on the couch while Quinn was playing.  Kay fell asleep on the other one and Quinn covered us up.  She was so cute.  She put some blankets on each of us and told me to close my eyes.  It was cute to see her play and watch over us.

    I talk about how to control kids but in reality we also need to sit back and let them just be kids.  You would be surprised how amazing they are.  They do so much and if we take the time to just sit back and watch you wouldn't believe what they can do.  She always did a good job taking care of me however.  Some days I think she was the better caregiver.  Quinn is very smart and sometimes is a head of her game.  I have to just remind her she has a lot of time to do things and just be a kid.

     I was also so happy to see her pick up her toys with out me having to say anything.  She cleaned up the area and did a great job.  I was so proud of her this weekend she helped us out so much and I think it was in part of everyone just relaxing and working together.  Sure she still wants to stay up later but she also knows bed time is bed time.  As she grows I have to realize to give her space and room to grow and even figure out through trial and error.  We even learn from out mistakes.  As the weekend closed I was happy how much she helped and was a good kid.  Now that can change of course like the wind!  However I think with time it just will come.  So for some tips, let your child be and watch them play and grow.  You will be amazed they will pick up their stuff without you always having to tell them.

    They will be good and sit quietly without you having to watch them.  They even will cover you up if you take a quick nap.  They have their whole lives to grow and work so for now, let them be kids...

Always remember,
You are never alone...


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