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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Our Annual Holiday Dinner

     For year's we have been going to dinner with my Aunt and Grandma.  Since my brother and I were kids.  We would dress up and go out to eat, then back to their house for ice cream then we would spend the night and sometimes sleep!  As we got older we would just go to dinner and when my grandma passed we still continued the tradition.  My Grandma would have wanted us to keep it going.  When Quinn was born we brought her alone and we keep the night going.

     Even through the divorce and my self moving on we always kept it going.  Last year was Kayla's first year and we had so much fun.  So this year we were excited, we got all ready for the day and headed over to my Aunt's.  We went to a restaurant by my Aunt's had had so much fun.  The food was so good and we just laughed and talked as the night went on.  We took our annual picture and then headed out!  We spent some time driving around seeing some homes people decorated!  They did such a great job and even though we spent most of the time trying to find the homes, we still had fun.

     After we headed back to my Aunt's house for Ice Cream and cookies.  We had some time to just relax and have fun.  Quinn even took some pictures herself!  We got to just have some fun and hang out. After we headed home, the weekend was not over and we had a big day Sunday. The night was so much fun and every year Quinn gets older we have even more fun.

Here we are!

Eating some Ice Cream

Quinn takes great pictures!

Kay and I!

Ken and Aunt Ro.

Aunt Ro being funny!

Aunt Ro and Quinn were working on a project.

Quinn just joking with her Uncle.

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