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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve!

     Well Christmas Eve has arrived!  I am so excited and yes tired.  It has been such a long week with work and getting everything set.  I get to pick up Quinn after work then head home to get Kayla and head to Church.  We then have to head home and get ready because everyone is coming over and we need to get food and drinks out.  I am so excited to spend this Christmas eve with both Quinn and Kayla.  Seeing how she is older she is so excited to see what Santa brought!  It also is nice to be in a better financial state so we can get her more things! 

     I can't believe how fast this month came and went.  We had some fun, watched some Christmas specials and even had a few nice dinners.  I still feel we work to much and only seeing Quinn as I do stinks, but we just have to work with what we have.  I know some day our Holiday will go slower but for now Kayla and I do what we need to.  I hope everyone is ready for the Holiday.  Christmas to me means just being with family and friends.  I know we won't have snow but its ok.  People are coming over and we just plan to have some fun and open Quinn's presents. 

     I can't wait to update everyone as well with some great pics to.  So for now I just wish everyone a Happy Holiday and to be safe. 

I know for single parents or people going through a Divorce it can be difficult and I say reach out to family and friends and know you will be ok.  I went through some tough times and it wasn't easy but you just have to push forward.

Enjoy the Holiday!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


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