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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Movie To Remember...

     A day after Furious Seven opened Kayla and I went to see it.  For me it was like many others a closing of a journey.  I wanted to post a little about the movie and series because it was one of my favorites.  There are some spoilers if you have never seen any however I didn't go much in detail. 

     When the first movie came out in 2000 it was a new kind of thrill.  This was the movie that started it all.  A racing underground movie that made kids want to invest in their cars and the time of tricking them out was really at it's max.  It was like the first of its kind even thought racing movies have been our for as long as we can remember.  This was different we were fans of the bad guy.  He had a sense of family and loyalty.  An underground side we all wanted to live in.  I think after this movie came out so many parts for cars were sold the market went up.  I don't think they could have had a better cast for the parts...

The Fast and the Furious

     They did have a short after the first one came out. called The Fast and the Furious Turbo Charged.  Only a few minutes long it shows after Paul's character gives his car to Vin's character what happens.  He is wanted and drives around racing getting money to survive.  The video then winds him up in FL where the second one picks up.  It was interesting to watch and put the missing timeframe together. 
  Over the next few years I followed the series as the second one came out and more characters were introduced.  2 Fast 2 Furious had a good story line and they had some major people introduced like the crew of Brian O'Connor.  I wasn't sure where they were going to go with the series honestly and the ending was good but it left questions.  After this another one didn't come out for a while.  The story didn't mention Dom but more focused on the character Brian and what happened after the first movie.
2 Fast 2 Furious 

     There is actually is one more short called Los Bandoleros.  It shows what Dom and Letty and where they went after the first one.  They headed down south and you actually meet Han, Leo and Santos more of Dom's crew that appear in the later films and wonder who they are!  This short is actually really good because it shows them in the DR and some of the things they did.  Just small pieces to a bigger puzzle...

     Along the road I also followed the actors as they made other movies just because that's what fan's do.  I will admit I wasn't sure what the reason behind Tokyo drift was, it felt so odd and out of place but I guess they knew there would be more before we did.  After they made Fast and Furious the fourth one, we started to ask questions about how some characters were alive when they were killed in other ones.  I was confused as hell.  However at the very end Dom made a small appearance so it made us guessing how he was way over there and what he was doing there.  We didn't know much about Han in this because he shows up in later movies which again is why we were confused.  However I heard Vin did this part for free, just to get the series rolling again.
The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
    The next big movie to hit the series was fast and furious.  To see Paul's and Vin's characters reunited however was something the fans were waiting for.  This brotherhood and bond that was weaved with trust and even some lies was back together.  There was some great racing scenes and Dom's sister and Paul's character who were together in the first one reunited and showed love for each other again.  I think a romance the fans loved and needed.  Paul and Vin worked together to bring down a drug dealer.  This movie also shows Han and some of Vin's crew, not the crew from the first movie but some he must have met along the way.  You start to now ponder that Tokyo drift happens later in the timeline because Han is alive.   Vin in the end doesn't run but faces his crimes and still gets fined guilty.  However you can tell there will be a next one as the credits role you see clips of what is about to happen...
Fast & Furious
     When Fast Five came out it was just an explosion.  The Rock was in the cast now, there was a lot of characters all of the crew was there to pull one last job.  This movie in the series got the ball rolling so fast people didn't want to slow down!  They were in Rio and on the run, Vince one of Dom's guys from the very first one was even in it.  It was interesting to see him again and pretty cool they brought him back for this movie.  It was just amazing, with all the crew's joined the movie shows all different talent.  The was action, humor, and love.  Mia played by Jordana Brewster in the movie is pregnant which makes their family bigger.  This was a pretty cool twist but also shows that soon they probably will be slowing down because a family is on the way.  Toward the end the Rock and Vin end up working together which I think everyone wanted.  They both make good hero's and we all wanted to see them fight together.  They end up getting away and the Rock doesn't really seem to care...  The end shows everyone and where they headed off to and how to enjoy their lives with their new treasure and friendship.  Mia who is Dom's sister is expecting and they cut to them on a beach just relaxing.
Fast Five
     After this I thought it could be over, but they surprised us again and made a sixth one!  The Rock seeks out Dom's help and his crew in order to find a villain and reunite them with Letty.  They explain what happens to her in the Fifth one and you believe she was killed however she wasn't.  I feel this one was one of my favorites because they had many of the characters in it. Per the story had to back track per the third movie you kind of new what was coming and one dies which brings sadness.  However with almost all the crew here again I can't help but say this one maybe one of my favorites.  The action scenes were like no other.  They were in London this time and worked with The Rock from the start.  In the end Vin and The Rock have a fight scene with two villains which is pretty awesome.  It's cool to see them fight side by side like they did.  The move ends with all of them getting their freedom and Han loosing Gisele.  It was a sad scene but we knew it was coming per the third installment.  The crew ends up back at Dom's old house cooking out when Hobbs played by the Rock show up with his new partner who had a love interest with Dom till Letty came back.  He gives the crew their freedom and then Dom and Hobbs joke, but you can tell it was pretty cool they trusted each other coming from their backgrounds of law and outlaw...
Fast & Furious 6

    After this they started making Furious Seven.  The fans were so pumped it was out of control.  We weren't sure what was going to happen but we knew they would tie up loose ends.  Then in the November of 2013 the world tragically lost Paul Walker.  The cast, crew and fans responded with love and just support.  Personally it was hard for me because I was a fan of his work and how he had a good moral compass.  He did so much for the world and a year after he passed I wrote a post dedicated to him and what he did.  To view: Click Here   After time they decided to finish the movie and with the love and support of Paul's family they did.  I can't imagine how hard it was for the family, friends and cast who knew him so well.  We went and saw the movie and it was so good.  The action again was just on a new level.  I think it was hard because I knew Paul only filmed most of the movie and knew as I was watching there would be a part when it was his brothers playing him so a sadness came over me but the love was there for him and the movie.
     There wasn't to much one on one racing like the others had but a lot of combat and the Rock had a smaller roll this time only being in the beginning and end of the film.  The movie did a great job wrapping up questions like Han.  After he dies in the film Dom goes over to Tokyo to bring him back to be buried and he talks to he lead actor from Tokyo drift.  Lucas who plays Sean in the film.  Pretty much right at the end of the 3rd one the 7th one picks up.  They race then talk about Han a little, it was sad because you fall in love with all the characters and Han was a good one.  Never knew why they had to end his character.  Dom brings him back and the movie continues.  The crew is being hunted by the brother of the last villain, he is played by Jason Statham he played a great role as his part and the fight scene with him and Vin Diesel in the end was excellent.  I always liked a few things, I liked how they always focused on family and loyalty.  Shows a code in this world we sometimes forget.  I also like how every title was different however they would use different pars of each for that title. 
     In the end the movie did a great job of just wrapping it all up, Brian had his family and Mia was pregnant again.  They are on a beach when Dom leaves, as he's leaving Brian pulls next to him telling him he wasn't going to leave without saying goodbye.  They then show clips from each movie and they drive off eventually splitting apart and taking separate roads.  Vin narrates and you can tell he is saying goodbye because Paul moved on in real life from this world.  I don't think may people had a dry eye and even my self.  It was hard to hold back tears.  Over 15 years of a series you fall in love with the story and people.  I am so happy they did such a good job on the ending, it had class, love and dedication.  It was by far one of my top most loved series.
Furious 7

The Fast and the Furious-2001
The Fast and the Furious Turbo Charged-Short-2003
2 Fast 2 Furious-2003
Fast and Furious Los Bandoleros-Short 2003
The fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift-2006
Fast and Furious-2009
Fast Five-2011
Fast and Furious 6-2013
Furious 7-2015

     Will they make more?  Well I honestly don't know they did such an amazing job ending that part of you wants the series to rest.  Sometimes more is less and what they did was perfect.  Honestly it just wouldn't be the same.  I know there was one without Vin and maybe if they did one with just Vin and not Paul it would work but honestly its to emotional to think about.  For now I thank the series for everything it has done  and everything all the actors and cast has given us over the years.  The thrill to race, be different and break some rules.  I continue to Pray for Paul Walker and his friends and family knowing even though we may not know everyone on this planet always remember we to help others out and know were family even if were strangers...  Below is the video for Furious Seven and a great wrap of the series take some time to watch it.   I honestly will continue to post about the series and the actors including Paul.  It will always be one of those heart breaking series to watch but one day we will all be reunited, until then we have to be kind to each other and treat everyone. Like Family...

You will be forever missed but always in our thoughts and prayers...

The Fast and the Furious.

Always remember,
You are never alone...


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