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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: Preparing for the warmer Weather!

     So I have posted it is getting warmer out and with this we all have to come out of hiding and get ready for the warm weather!  As Spring approaches the weather will feel better however we do need to adapt.  Being in such a cold state even 50 degree's will feel like  heat wave!  Make sure you do some of the following steps to get ready for spring, some are home based some are with you kids all are good!

1)  start to get spring cleaning done, open some window's take some time to just start prepping.  The earlier you get the house cleaned inside and out the sooner you can BBQ!

2)  Make sure to check the weather reports.  One nice day doesn't mean winter is over!  It usually won't go down without a fight!  Don't open all your windows and leave them open to wake up with snow on your bed!  Keep an eye on what the weather will do.

3)  Start getting some ideas on what projects you want to do.  Painting, looking at the siding or roof.  Anything you want done, and anything you need done.  Make a list.

4)  Start to get outside with your kids!  Go to parks take walks.  I know April is rainy but on nice days get out and enjoy the day!

5)  Find new area's and places to explore!  Look for new trails, parks, and places to visit.  Most are cheap and will get you moving!

6)  Look at doing a closet clean out.  You kids may need summer cloths soon and you as well!  Make sure your ready to be dressed for summer!  Nobody wants to go down a slide in a snowsuit! 

7)  Within cleaning make sure you turn your De-humidifier on.  This will keep your basement dry and get it summer ready!  Make sure it works and that it is setup correctly.

8)  You can leave your furnace on for a little while longer, we may get cool mornings so until it stays warm I would be safe.

9)  Think warm!  Start looking at getting a fire pit, or new BBQ!  Get your BBQ set ready and cleaned off.  Make sure you have everything to go for those cookouts! 

10)  Most important!  GET OUTSIDE!

I hope these tips helped if you have any let me know!

Always remember,
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  1. You have such a lovely blog! Nice to see a Dad with custody of his child. I am definitely ready for some warm weather!

  2. Thank you so much! That means so much. I know I am over this winter!