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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: Catching up on lost time...

     So after the long vacation break my daughter had one can be upset about not seeing their child or they can just spend every minute with them enjoying their time!  My tip is choice two!  When your child spends time away with their other parent or family don't get upset rater than embrace what they did and ask them how their time was!  Don't take out your frustration on them.  I spent the day with Quinn just relaxing and having fun.  We ate, enjoyed Easter and then watched a little TV to rest after her long trip. 

     A child will know if you are struggling or upset so don't show this.  Here are some tips to help, feel free to add your own!

1)  Always remember what's good for your child is really best.  If they are on vacation then let them have fun and show your excitement!  When they get back make sure you catch up with them and talk about it.  Don't be angry you didn't get to see them.  You can be sad you missed them but don't show it.  Anger and Sadness will confuse a child and only make them feel bad they left.

2)  Spend time with them.  When they get back pay extra attention and do things you both enjoy.  You can also just rest to, kids just like being around their parents and even laying on the couch is setting a good base.

3)  Ask how their vacation went and see pictures if they have any!  Show interest and be happy for them!

4)  Plan your own vacation with them some other time!  Let them spend extra time with you so they know you want to vacation with them!

5) Last but not least just enjoy your time and always show you are excited you have them back!  You can say you missed them.  Also call during their vacation and check in.  Ask how things are going and show you want to say hi, they will love it!

There are many other things one can do however these helped me and continue to! 

Always remember,
You are never alone...


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