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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: Getting ready for the day.

     I found being a single dad one of my obstacles with my daughter is getting ready.  Usually when I have her during the week we have to move faster because school however sometimes on the weekends it takes a little more to get up and ready for the day.  So I have some tips for all my parents out there and if you have your own please submit a comment and help us out!

1)  I always try to tell my daughter what is going on the night before especially on a weekend so she knows the game plan.  I also make sure she says, she understands so when the day comes were not playing the "I didn't know card"  If kids know before hand they will more than likely work with you!

2)  Don't get them dressed!  Once they are getting bigger help them less and less but make sure they do it!  This past weekend Quinn asked us to put her socks on.  I said no! You're 6 you can do it!  Remember this about humans, if you will do it for them, we will let you!  (such a bad gene in us)

3)  Try not to reward them for getting dressed.  You have to!  They just need to do it, you can't get a  treat for just getting ready! No Dice Parents!

4) Remind them they are getting older and they have to start doing things on their own too!

5)  If you are going someplace fun and they know it but remain giving you a hard time, just tell them.  "We don't leave till your ready".  This will usually move them.

6)  Don't spend to much time arguing.  If they really put up a fight let them cool down and have them take a time.  However don't give them movies, TV or toys.    

7)  Also remember the spring time is harder because we just came off a long winter.  Usually we spend more time in doors because the snow and cold so now we just need a jump start to make us remember its warm out!  This applies to us parents too!

8)  Try the Take five below! 
Get dressed
Make your bed
Eat breakfast
Brush your teeth
Comb your hair

Steps to getting ready in the morning!

I hope these few tips helped out!  It is a learning process everyone...

Always remember,
You are never alone...


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