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Sunday, April 26, 2015

The 2015 Klondike

     So getting back to some older post I have yet to do.  This past February was out annual Scout Klondike!  One of the post I do like to share this event I have been working for a very long time.  I know this post is old but with a busy winter I wanted to catch up.  Every year we head out to a park by our area and help run events and get the troops set.  For over a decade I have been working the snowball toss and have seen many kids come and go.  An event I am known for I must add.

     Like before this year we did a tribute to the Veteran.  We had many Vets come and talk to the scouts as well as we gave them a nice opening ceremony.  When we break we all go to our stations and the Vets walked around and just talked to some of the troops and kids.  Explaining what it means and what people gave for our country and this world.  My Dad is a Vet and this has always been something he loves and supports.  I always feel we should support our troops and Vets.  Sometimes it isn't fair the politicians that's start wars or send them in but they go because there are people in the world that need to be protected.  It is sad that there will always probably be war in our lifetime.  However there will always be people that will fight to keep this world a better place. 

     As the day went on we hosted our events and just got to talk to the troops and kids.  There was a great turnout and the day was busy.  The weather gave us a break and wasn't to cold with the sun out a little to help as well.  As the day progressed we stopped and had some lunch.  Just some time to relax and have the staff talk.  After we finished up the day and had the great sled race and awards!  The great sled race consisted of the troops lining up and racing down the main field!  they have to all turn at the end and come back.  It is something to watch I tell ya.  After I gave the awards for fastest pitch.  Ironically this year it was a set of brothers for the older and younger class. 

     When we were done we did some clean up, Kay even stopped by with Quinn for a visit!  It was a nice surprise.  We even did some sledding!  I didn't get to take her much this year so it was a good break.  She had so much fun and got to go down with a few times.  The Klondike has always been one of my favorite events just the whole day and everything it offers...

Enjoy the pics!!

Always remember,
You are never alone...

Here we are at the opening ceremony.

Our honored Vets!

My dad talked about what the Vet Means.

Here I am!  I didn't even get a table this year! Budget cuts!

My Dad and I.

Here is our annual pic of my brother Dad and I.

The Vets being honored.

Quinn and I

Kay, Quinn and I

Popi and Quinn

The great race!

Kayla and Quinn

Flag retirement was one of the activities, retiring a flag in honor.

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