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Sunday, April 19, 2015

A weekend update!

     This past weekend came and went again!  Friday was so busy we picked up Quinn and headed to one of her classmates birthday party!  We were so excited because it was at a jump club here and Quinn and I have been before.  The building is large and just filled with inflated slides and climbing mazes.  We got setup and she ran right in sliding around, jumping and getting great exercise.  The kids played for about an hour and it was nice to see some of her classmates we knew.  A few months ago Kay and I had lunch at Quinn's school.  We got to meet a lot of her friends so friday we got to see them again.

     As the kids played I just let Quinn enjoy her time as a kid.  Watching her jump climb and just be a kid.  After the kids played we went up to a party room for some dinner and presents!  The kids all ate pizza and had cake classic kid dinner.  Her friend opened his presents and then they went to play a little more.  It was very nice to meet some of the parents in her class and just again watch her be a kid.  That night we just went home and called it a night after it was late and we had a big weekend!

I will fill you in more this week but for now I just wanted to post because how much fun she had.
Enjoy the pics!

Always remember,
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Here is everyone!

Getting ready for dinner!

The birthday boy 

Cleaning up and getting back to jumping around!  I didn't get any of Quinn jumping because I couldn't follow her that fast!  She

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