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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: Helping Pass the Time...

     I have talked about this before and when it comes to being a single parent there are days between seeing your kids.  I talk about this now because it wasn't my weekend with Quinn last weekend so I haven't seen her in a week.  The next time I will see her will be tomorrow.  I have some tips that will help for other single parents while your child with the other parent.  This can be a difficult time and can make you almost go crazy if you don't manage your time well.  Not being around your child is hard and you need to keep it together.  Here are some tips that will help!


     1)  Know there will be time you won't see your child and prepare for it by mentally getting ready.
     2)  Take time to plan things when your child is away.  Make a to do list, thinks you can get done like working on your home or pampering your self!

     3)  Don't get stuck feeling sad or wondering how they are.  Let them enjoy their time with their other parent.  You can call to say hello and check in.  I do from time to time. 

     4)  Make sure you plan good events when they do come!  Make sure you take time to get ideas and adventures ready.  Plan for your time with them!

     5)  Meet friends and family out.  Have them over for dinner or go out and spend time with loved ones!  The weekends can be hard or anytime you have off from work so spend time with loved ones.

     6)  Join a club, go to the gym or things like this.  Working out can be a great motivator and you can relieve stress.

     The time you don't have your child is difficult but over time you will adapt.  In the beginning be strong and find ways to keep busy.  As time goes on your child will grow and then have more independence.  They will also want to spend more time with you so always choose your battles wisely and remember just slow them love when you have them!  The rest will come...

Always remember,
You are never alone...


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