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Monday, April 13, 2015

The Weather Breaks!

     So unless you live under a rock, or in South you finally noticed it is warming up!  This past winter was one of the coldest we had, I was running out of ideas for things to do!  There are only so many snow days!  So with the weather getting nicer we spend a lot of time outside this weekend getting the house ready for Spring.  With our weekend coming up to have Quinn I am very excited to get back to some parks and running around. 

    I hope everyone has had a good winter and is ready for Spring!  I will have some good tips for you all too!  Start to get your home ready by getting a head on that Spring cleaning!  It is also nice to finally drive with the windows down!  I think with spring coming everyone will have a good turn around.  I know I can't wait to cook out side and just have some fun in the sun!   I am updating the back ground of the blog too! 

    So with this post I hope the weather will finally break and this will be the start of our warmer seasons!  I can't wait to get some older pics up and catch you all up on some of our activities we did!

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