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Monday, September 28, 2015

Parenting Culture

     The past week my good friend at Daddies love their daughters sent me some parenting questions he answered himself not to long ago.  Some basic questions like how I felt when I found out I was having a child, some difficult times, along with some different scenarios that have or not happened yet.  It was a great change to let other parents know what I went though and how I handled some things. 

     I want to thank my friend for putting this together and encourage you to see the full article as well as his blog for other great information!  His site has some great tips and illustrations!  A very big support of my each others work we have been sharing ideas and stories for a while now.  When I first started blogging I found there weren't many Fathers that had sites or helpful tips out there yet.  There were a few however some were just to large and I feel they are now more towards looking to make money, not help out a person in need.  Cluttering their sites and making them hard to find help.  What I love about Daddies love their Daughters is the site is so easy to follow and there are so many helpful tips out there.  David the author has also expressed interest in mine and many other sites and blogs helping promote them which is very kind, I always feel Bloggers no matter how large their site is should help other fellow Bloggers out. 

His site is listed on my home page but here is a link.  daddieslovetheirdaughters   

Please also check out the rest of the article about my questions and answers and thanks again for allowing me to be apart of you site!  parenting-culture

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