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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: Getting ready for Fall!

    As we change over from season to season for most of us when the weather changes we need to prep and get ready or we can be left out in the cold.  I have a few tips that I listed below to help get you ready for the fall.  Some I have learned along the way, others I have been giving from friends and family.  I do hope they all help and if you have any others feel free to let me us know!

 So as summer winds down and the fall season approaches don't forget a few important tips!

1)  Getting your windows ready for winter.  We all know the windows were up for summer and the fans were in!  Pretty much by now entering October we can safely say it will cool down.  Take out your window fans and A/C units and put the storm windows down.  Each window has two glass sections and then a screen.  Drop the middle section, or first glass pane.  The back one remains up to protect your larger glass winder and the middle one drops to protect the larger glass window on the bottom.  Leave your screen up too now.  If you have time clean your windows before the winter hits as well! 
     By putting your windows down you will not feel that cool draft in the morning that wakes us up so terribly!  The cool fall nights can come in fast and you will wake up shivering!  Make sure your windows are down and can come down with no problems.

2)  Start to think about your furnace. Have it cleaned and turn it on soon just so you know it works!  If there are any issues it is easer to get them fixed now than in the winter time when you really need the heat and every place is booked fixing them!  Be smart make sure your furnace kicks on and is working correctly.

3)  Change the furnace filter.  Make sure you have a nice new clean furnace filter for winter.  This will keep the dust and allergens out of the air.  Your local hardware store should help you out in getting the correct one.  Take the old one out and copy the numbers down so you know what size to buy!

4)  Think about your fall clean up.  Do some last minute wedding.  Weeds don't grow in the fall because winter is coming so think about getting those last pesky weeds pulled.

5)  Getting your machines ready.  Cut your lawn a few more times and get it ready for the winter.  Make sure the gas is out by letting it run dry.  Also pull out your snow blower if you use one and start it up soon!  Like the furnace you need to make sure it works.  You don't want to try to start it when you can't leave your driveway!  Get any issues fixed now, Fall is just Winters warning!  Also make sure you have shovels and roof rakes!  I wanted a roof rake last year and they were all sold out!  Go now to start looking.  Stores will start stocking them.  They are a great tool to keep your roof less stressed!

6)  Put fall/winter fertilizer down.  There are great fertilizes for your lawn that can help them over the fall and winter months.  When the Spring time comes your lawn will be healthier and ready for the new season!

7)  Clean out your closets and exchange cloths.  The one pain about fall is, its cold at night and warm in the daytime.  I know it stinks, but get your winter close out now.  There will be days you have a jacket on then by the afternoon you feel its summer but just be safe.  Clean out your closets and prep for the winter!

8)  Chimney cleaning.  If you have and use a chimney make sure it is ready.  Have it cleaned out or looked it if need be.  Chimney fires are very dangerous.  Also if you have indoor heaters like wood burning stoves also have them checked out now.

9)  Check your house foundation.  When the winter comes animals and other friends will try to get inside to stay warm!  Put a insect repellant border outside by spraying your house foundation and make sure you don't have small holes or cracks animals can get in.  Protect your basement and home.

10)  Just get mentally ready.  I know it can be hard, summer is over but you need to know ready or not, Fall and the cool air is coming so be prepared.   

     I hope these tips helped and like always enjoy the season!  Just make sure you are ready for them!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


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