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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Wednesday Wake Up! The Big Mac Attack

     Usually on Wednesdays I do a midweek break post, something short and sweet but today I am doing a wake up post!  Not to long ago I posted about the dangers of Soda (Pop) what ever you want to call it!  There are so many articles how dangerous drinking it over a period of time can be, even the effects of just the next hour after you consume one can.  So today I am bringing light to one of Americas most advertised burgers.  The Big Mac!


     Yes, the Big Mac, one of America's oldest Fast Food Burgers.  Since a regular Burger wasn't enough we needed to add more bread, meat (kinda) and lots of other stuff you can't pronounce.  Just so you know the picture above is one of those nice ones that takes hors to put together, not one you get from the store.  Photo mcdonalds wikia  So I came across this great article from Yahoo.  Article is here. 

     Like Soda the burger raises blood sugar, dehydrates you and you will feel hungry just under an hour after you eat it.  

So here is the break down!  Again for the full article click the link above. 

First 10 Minutes:
   The Big Mac has  540Calories and will raise your blood sugar above normal levels.  Foods like this will make your brain release the "feel-good" chemicals which is like the reaction after taking a drug.

After 20 Minutes:
     Since the burger and its bun have high levels of fructose corn syrup and sodium which are addictive and will make you crave more.

The Half hour mark:
     You will start to be dehydrated, unless you pound down the soda that comes with it, however that won't really help you.  Dehydration is like hunger it tricks your body into thinking it needs more food.  You kidneys have trouble getting rid of the salt and your heart and body works harder to pump blood.  This will cause high blood pressure, and can lead to heart disease and stroke.

The 40 Minute Mark:
     Here is when you will start to feel hungry again.  After you eat a high calorie meal your body will respond with insulin and bring down your glucose levels causing you to want more. 

The 1 hour mark:
     Typically your body takes 24-72 hours to digest food but because of how greasy the burger is can take up to 3 days to digest.  So eat some fiber or its going to be a long ride.

     Now after reading this yes you may feel scared like its a danger, experts say every once and a while you can have one.  I have had my share in my life, I will admit its been years now since I have had one.  I don't even know what my body would do lol.  I however didn't blog to scare everyone just that we are in a world where fast food is just ruling.  Families go because its easy and can be affordable, plus the food just taste good and that is causing a loosing battle!  If veggies tasted like burgers and fries we would all be eating them faster than farmers can grow them!  

     However the truth is sugars, carbs and sodium make our body feel good, for the moment that is.  I mainly just wanted everyone to understand the effects of what foods can do to us.  Now there is stories of people that have eaten nothing but Big Mac's for like 30 years.   Here is the Link watching the video is just the easiest way to see.  So yes there are people that eat food like this daily for many years or even have smoked their whole life and died at the age of 90.  Does that me you should?  NO!  What I would suggest is eat a healthy diet and if you treat your self to a meal like this there is no reason to be alarmed...  I just wanted to give you all a wake up...

Always Remember,
You are Never alone...


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