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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Welcome Fall!

    Hello Fall!  Welcome, we are glad you are here.  Summer was ok so we are hoping you can make good on your end!  So as you can see the background has changed and now we get to move to fall post!  Yes the changing of the leaves, pumpkins scary movies, a few birthdays and lost of fall fun!  I always loved October and the new season it brings.  The scary movies start to come on more at night and everyone gets to start decorating again.  People really haven't done any decoration all summer so Halloween is really the big Kickoff! 

     The crisp air comes in and you have to start getting warmer cloths out, shutting windows and raking leaves.  The nights are shorter and its time to just take out the big comforter and start to get ready for the new seasons of TV shows and movie nights!  Even if you live down south you can still enjoy the fun of fall!  This next month we have a few great trips planned, activities and fun things to do and blog about! 

     I love driving home and seeing the tree's start to change over slowly, or take a trip south to our camp and enjoy a weekend in the hills with a  campfire going at night.  Fall also brings fall foods, so during the week I plan on still working out and eating healthy but when the weekends come, well I'm off the clock...  Fall foods are some of my favorite because you get to see lots of comfort foods like hot pasta dishes and warm pies.  You get to cook in your kitchen now and not get hot because of the summer heat!  A nice smelling oven when its cool out is amazing.  Not to mention some fall grilling!  Still even just going to a local park and walking around is perfect.  Enjoy the season everyone because once October ends its the start of the big holidays! 

     I plan on having my brother over to watch some scary movies this month and throw a few fun parties as well.  I can't wait to see all your post and updates to so make sure to share the post and keep blogging!   

     I hope everyone is ready for the new season and the blog background!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


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