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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Review 8: Prima PIzza

The Pie is in the Mail...
My old roommate once told us about a place back in his home down called Prima Pizza.  A Pizza shop like no other!  The Pizzeria has a very great variety on its very easy to follow and use homepage and menu!  They even play a little Italian music on the site to get you in the mood for you dinner!  Including a large verity of pizzas and toppings, salads, wings, subs and wraps.  The also have a great dinner selection and great desserts to choose from.  If you needed to go bigger they cater as well as have a large selection of trays for larger parties. 

     So what makes a pizza shop more special than the rest.  Well I will tell you, I enjoyed one of their very own from my dinning room!  No I didn't drive down and come back.  Prima Pizza puts all the delivery drivers to shame!  They not only deliver by car but also plane!  Yup you heard me, Prima will take your pizza order, or even bagel order and ship it to you overnight.  You live in California? No Problem for Prima!  They have shipped across the entire country before.  What they do is cook the pizza about 90% then flash freeze it and place it in a special bag then take out virtual all the air and ship it over night!  The pizza once delivered can be cooked or frozen and gives it a shelf life of up to 5 days!  He even signs the inside box for you personally.  There are many articles including one from the local paper, up to The Wall Street Journal.  With great reviews on their site and in the articles I looked over I was very excited when Kendall was getting us one.

     He worked for the owner growing up and said it was so much fun.  J.J Scalise in the article talked about the business and said he has sent Pizzas to Florida, Illinois, Arizona, and Colorado.  He did advise they don't ship in the summer per the weather is to hot.  Now that part I saw could have been updated the article was a little bit older so they may now however shipping your pizza like this was the first time I ever heard of it!  The article said it takes about an hour to prepare the pizza for shipping but he said "It's a little involved, but worth it to me".

     They can ship the food overnight or can get it to you same day!  Not sure about the same day regulations but how cool is that!  

     A.J keeps the prices the same as if you were to go in the store only charging extra for shipping something very kind of him to do. 

     When Kendall and the Pizza arrived I was so excited, there it was signed box and all, I took the pizza out and we ended up heating it back up to finish cooking it.  The Pizza we had was wonderful, thick cut tomatoes and vegetables a healthy style Pizza with a great crust and great taste.  Quinn even tried a piece and loved it she ate the vegetables and all.  I was surprised how big the pie was!  It was a very generous size and the toppings were placed generous as well.  I know everybody says their town has the best pizza, but how often can your town back it up by sending you a pie to try!?  Well I think A.J for going outside the box and offering many different items to have shipped for you to try. 

     As far as this review goes the Pizza was wonderful, I wasn't able to try other items per the one drawback is I don't live there.  However it gives me that drive to go and make the trip and thanks A.J!  I would recommend checking out the site and "flying" a pie home for dinner one night!  Surprise your family with a fun way of getting dinner.  You do have to be home to get the pizza, I don't think the delivery will leave it on your doorstep! 

  So as we get ready for fall and winter check out A.J Scalise's amazing restaurant and delivery service! 
  I wonder what pizza I'll fly up next....

Here is the sites info and I hope you enjoy the Pics!

Prima Pizza
252 Main St, Cornwall NY
845-534-7003 (800-22-NY-PIE  
FAX: 845-534-2717
Site: Prima Pizza

Signed box!

The articles they sent!

What a slice! The pizza was awesome!

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