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Monday, September 7, 2015

How some Dad's had a harder first day of school than others.

     So by now if you haven't seen or heard Ohio State University was in the news.   Some kids in houses were putting up signs saying "Dads we'll take it from here"  and "Daughter daycare 2.0".  Here is the Article.  Take a look and read it or finish my blog first.  I went through it and was I guess both nervous and laughed.  I thought it was funny because they said in the article it was a joke and honestly I laughed when I saw it.  The boys were interviewed and again said it was just for fun.  There was even some girls putting up funny posters for the boys. The article went viral and many people saw and commented on it.  Honestly if Quinn was older and going there I think I would laugh, maybe talk to the boys to see if they were fun or for real douche bags.  However the fun and sport of college lives on and over the years changes.  I do give them credit for being creative. 

     So I can only imagine what was going through some of those dads minds.  I thought I had it bad when I had to see Quinn get on the bus!  I can't imagine what will come when she is that age!  I think when it comes to joking Dad's get nervous  because we are protective and yes boys come off as horn dogs even if they aren't.  It can be difficult epically because this world is more dangerous and being a female it can be with all the dangerous people out there.  No father wants to get a late call saying something happened to his child, son or daughter but with movies like "Taken" and the internet and all its doing how do you blame Dads with daughters for getting guns. 

     So I encourage to read the article for its full content and let me know what you think.  Below is a pic, i think the scariest thing honestly is the guys swim shorts.  That is not cool to our flag or my eyes!

     So just remember how tough your Day was when you walked your little on to the bus or saw them drive away just remember you weren't the Ohio University Dad's, unless you were then I hope you had some fun and not stressed to much...

I thought my first day for Quinn getting on the Bus was hard...
Look out!

Always remember
You are Never alone...


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