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Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Weekend Update!

     This past weekend was a busy one! Friday we kicked things off by going to the Oktoberfest!  We usually go with my parents however this year my Dad couldn't make it so we took my Mom and headed out!  We arrived and got some dinner found a seat and ate.  The  place wasn't to busy so it was really nice.  We all ate our dinner and talked even took some pictures then got up to do some dancing!  The german food was good its not exactly comfort food lol but I do enjoy it!  I won't try to spell anything we had it would take to long.  So we danced and laughed and even got in a conga line, which I don't do usually.  Quinn got her face painted and a ballon animal, she just had so much fun.  My Mothers side is German and I am always making sure we are part of all our backgrounds but it is nice they do this festival and we had one heck of a good night!  At the end of the night we gave my Mom her birthday present!  Her birthday was early September and we wanted to get her her card and gift.

     The next day we got up and had some breakfast, Aunt Ro then headed over and we took her to lunch. My Aunts birthday was last week, also a September Bday.  We took her out to lunch then did some presents and her card.  Later that day we headed up to see our friends Dave and Jenn for canal days! We met up and headed into town for the parade.  We got setup even though it was raining we still held our own.  The parade was so much fun and Quinn got some good candy, to much of course but its a parade so its ok.  Nothing makes you feel more like summer and an American like a good old parade. I don't know when the last time I went to one was honestly.  So it was just so much fun to see all the different groups and people that serve our country.  We had great seats too, front and center!  After the parade we headed back to Dave and Jenns to have some dinner.  They were babysitting their cousins so Quinn had some new friends she got to meet and play with.  When the night came we headed home and got ready for Sunday.

     Sunday we headed to church since it has been a few weeks since our last visit.  After we just hung in and did some cleaning and relaxing.  Our weekend was so busy we took the time to just take it easy, as the weather cools we also have to get ready for the fall and winter months ahead.   We brought her home after dinner and a new week starts.  I am excited for fall to be so close!  The cooler weather, food, smells of the season it all is just my favorite time of the year.  

     So I can't wait to keep everyone posted and see what the fall brings!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


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