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Friday, September 11, 2015

Have you ever thought about the effect?


     Ever wonder if you just did something different?  Instead of going one way you went another, if you didn't take that change to meet that someone who now is your spouse.  Took the other college choice or just wondered where you would be if a few key points in your life were made differently.

     The term Butterfly Effect, as explained by Wikipedia is when one small change can result in a large difference in that later state.  Norton Lorenz coined the name and his example of details of a hurricane being influenced by minor perturbations such as a butterfly  flapping its wings.  Check out the sites listed for more info.  However getting back to you and I, have you ever just wondered honestly what would have happened or how you're life would be if you went back and did something different?  Now my examples are just examples and I am a big believer in you shouldn't mess with the past epically if it effects life or a human beings existence.  For example if you went back and killed Hitler before he rose to power.  Yes you would prevent WW2 and stop many lives from being suffered however many lives would never come per all the people that met during the war or after like me!  My grandparents met because of the war also who knows someone worse could have come to power and the war could have still come with even more terrible results.  This change in history is I believed uses so much, many people have said why not go back and kill someone like him.  However history could be altered immensely.  I am glad we can't meddle with time I think we need to learn to make the present count and work for a better future...  

     I bring this post up because I can't help but wonder honestly what would have happened if I just didn't do some of the things I did.  Now don't get me wrong I know my wife reads my blog so I am not saying, what if I did stay with someone I dated or something.  It's not like that!  However I often wonder for example what if I never went in to talk to my now Ex Wife years ago.  What if after the first time I tried I just gave up and didn't try again and just said "ehh wasn't meant to be".  Now I wouldn't have Quinn and that I wouldn't want because she is amazing and a human life so I would never change that.  However I don't know, I may have not ended with my now wife either. The path that got me to Kayla would have been gone or altered.  I may have ended up with someone different with a different family.  I tell Kayla even though my situating is hard at times with an Ex and all without her who knows I may never have met her.  I may never have applied to work for a job where I met one of my now good friends, then when the divorce came moved to where I work now.  He followed and met his wife here because we all worked together.  Your choices do effect others remember that.  So my divorce sucked but it made me move paths and made choices that created lives and families so in the end there is light even in some of the darkest hours. 

     I use my divorce and previous marriage only because it was a big path in my life.  It resulted in a child being born as well as many new paths after the divorce my paths changed many times with many different results but in the end we live our lives and work with what choices we make.

     There are lots of others for example but the one I feel was good was when my met my new wife.  I was at a movie with an old friend and our friend texted us to come out.  She was telling us her cousin (my wife) and some friends were out having a drink.  Now being tired and the movie didn't even start yet I was more towards going home and just not caring.  I use this example only because it is one of my best ones.  After the movie my friend and I were in his car sitting at a crossroad thinking what to do.  He wanted to go, I wasn't sure.  If we made the left we would just go home, if we went right we would go meet the girls.  Well we went right and I said sure lets go, he convinced me to just do it. However for a moment there were two paths in my life that could have been very different.  I could have gone left and went home.  I may have met my now wife sometime later but who knows what state I would have been in.  I may have given up on dating ( I was very close before we met).  I honestly don't know but it is interesting to think about.

     There are movies about this and TV shows that reference it as well as even a video game.  The game is Until Dawn the game is pretty good and there are points where you make a decision and little butterfly's flutter on the screen telling you the path has changed and the game will have a different outcome.  Very creative I will say for a game to do this.  However in our lives just think or wonder what would happen if you made a left turn not the right. One of my favorite examples is from Dr. Who an episode called Turn Left. Where Donna makes a change in where she was going and never met the Doctor and the whole world was changed.  It is a great episode and though my choices my not fully effect the entire world it is just interesting to think about.

     So I post this not to wonder your life in the past but to think about the future.  Next time you come to a crossroad in life think how each path may differ and how they can change your life.  The roads maybe hard to see down but just think ever action will effect you and the ones close to you.  This will maybe slow you down and not make quick decisions take some time in life to see what outcomes may happen.  Remember the choice is yours...

Always remember,
You are Never alone...



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