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Monday, September 14, 2015

A Day on the Bay!

     So right at the start of September we still had some hot days, very hot I should say so our friend took us out on his boat!  We have been a few times just Kayla and I so now we wanted to bring Quinn.  I try to get her boating as much as I can because she just loves it.  The key to boating is having friends with them!  He lives on the bay and has a very lovely place just an amazing view. 

    So we started off with just some driving around the bay a bit and then headed out to the latke as well.  Just boating around and enjoying the time.  My buddy let Quinn even drive the boat!  Well to a point he was right that lol.  She actually did a great job she didn't jerk the wheel or touch the throttle the ride was very nice.  I hope teaching her to drive a car is this easy!  When I was young I can remember boating and my parents friends let me drive their boat.  I can't tell you how awesome it was, I knew exactly how much fun Quinn was having because I was there when I was a kid. 

     After boating around the lake we headed back into the Bay and found a nice spot to drop anchor and do some swimming!  The water was really a nice temperature so a nice day for a swim.  We weren't to far from the shore so we walked up to it were it was a nice beach and just sat for a bit.  After just hanging out we then did some tubing!  I took Quinn out a few times and she just sat with me.  It was her first time going and I know its not a contest but being a Dad that sometimes may not see or be there because it's her Mom's time, it was kinda cool to have this with her.  We laughed as we tried to hang out as he drove us around.  I will say we never fell off!  Toward the end he slowed down and we tumbled off lol.  We headed back and just swam in the pool there at the complex a little before we thanked our friend and headed home.  We got some dinner showed up form our day in the Bay and then just relaxed.  We were tired! It is not easy boating for a few hours!  I had a lot of fun, but honestly don't know if I could boat every day.  Just because you do get tired epically if the sun is out in full force.  However it was a lot of fun and I can't wait to go again next year. 

     I hope everyone had a great Summer this year and did some fun things or trips! As fall approaches so does the cool air and the fall foods!  I can't wait to keep everyone posted as well as learn and hear about your adventures! 

Enjoy the pics!

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  1. Great fun times to remember always. This only makes me excited because our Summer is just around the corner to do the very same, fun times on the water with our grandson who will be 3yrs old at Christmas.

    1. Hey Trina! Thanks for the comment, yea it was a great day! Really your summer is starting? May I ask where about are you?
      Fun in the water at Christmas! Ha ha we will probably have snow..