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Sunday, September 13, 2015

The HoneyMoon, our special day!

     So I took some time off blogging about the honeymoon for other things but I did want to keep all my readers posted!  The Thursday of our break we took the time to have a day trip.  Kayla and I took some time to just be together.  We first went on the river again and just enjoyed a nice time boating around and having fun.  The sights were amazing and it was just so peaceful.  After we went to lunch and just talked.  We had brick fired pizza and a nice salad.  We had a lot of fun that afternoon just being  a new married couple and enjoying our time off. 

     That night we took Connor and headed to the mall.  Kayla and I went to build a bear and made some fun Minions.  The are our little guys, Steward and Bob!  We got to pick them out and get the cloths and see them being all made!  Then we got to get them Certificates and take them home!  Later that night we we went to dinner at the Royal Dynasty.  We like to take Connor there when he visits.  We had a nice dinner and got to just talk, laugh and eat.  It was a nice day and we honestly had a great honeymoon, the next weekend to come Kayla's Dad and other brother Andrew came up to celebrate Kayla's birthday.  We had a great weekend friends came over and we just had some snacks and hung out.  As the honeymoon ended we really had such an amazing week off.  Being married is wonderful and I can't wait for our next little vacation.  As we started our work week again I could have used more time off haha but it was nice to get back to work.  I will get pics of the weeding don't worry!  We are still working on that.  I hope everyone enjoyed our honeymoon post.

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Enjoy the pics!

Here we are getting in!

There we are!


The day was so nice out!

Couple drinks!

Yum, Lunch!

Here we go!

Getting them set!

I know we probably didn't have to but it was funny.

Dinner with Connor!

Here we are home with our little guys!

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