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Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday

     Today is good Friday one of my favorite services like Ash Wednesday Good Friday reminds us what not only what one Man did for us but who we are.  There are many religions and like I say before I never post to convert but going to church and seeing a black laced cross is one of the most powerful sights.  An empty alter, a quiet room a service to show that someone died for our sins is a powerful message.  I feel the happy services like Easter and Christmas are ones tha many enjoy and go to.  I enjoy them as well because they are happy and are about birth and resurrection but its the services t
 that lead up to Easter Sunday that show you how important that one service is.  
Everyone can enjoy a fun Easter Sunday but to go on Friday and feel the power and hear the scriptures of what happened.  I always feel Good Friday is just so powerful to feel the power of the service and the scene it sets is one you just have to go and see.  The songs, prayers and readings that night are very powerful.  They make you pray not only for your family, friends and the world but I pray and thank God for everything.  I pray and thank God for what we have been given and how one person can be punished and killed for us.

     As tonight comes I don't know if I can attend there are some things tonight I to do but if we go or not I will make sure I take the time to take in the power of this day.  If I can't go I will take the time to pray quietly.  I hope everyone today no matter their religion takes some time to get ready for the weekend however for anyone in the Christian faith I hope you take this time to realize Easter is Sunday but to keep in mind the power and reason we have this day.  If you go to Church tonight please take in the readings and listen to how powerful this night is and why we remember it.

One song on Good Friday we sing is "Were you there".  It is just so powerful and there are different lyrics sung by many artist.  I added one version to my play list on the blog.  When we sing it on Good Friday the meaning of Good Friday is there in words.  I close my eyes as I sing as the spirit and what that day means fills every cell in my body.  A very good and powerful song...

     I hope everyone has a good weekend to come...

Always remember,
You are never alone....


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